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Web Convergence

Introducing Ideal Web Convergence Solutions From Neev

Neev recognises the need to reach out to customers online and provides innovative end to end solutions to help businesses connect with customers from around the world. Our experience in web development provides us with the right leverage to bring you rich internet applications and portals. Over the years, we have developed Retail 2.0/ Social solutions, portals and websites for our clients around the world. This has led us to finding an ideal trade-off between scalability and cost effectiveness across our solutions.


A portal provides businesses with an ideal opportunity to expose relevant information to potential customers. It is important to build the portal ideally, so that it suits the phase of communication and this is one thing we at Neev have vast experience in. Our work for clients such as NAREB, eMEDISPACE, GOWEALTHY and GRANTCOUNTY highlight just a few of the portals we have done over the years.

Retail 2.0

Retail 2.0 is the best way to monetise your business in today’s competitive world. It allows you to reach out to your online customers and provide them with interactivity during shopping sessions. Neev utilises its ability to create rich internet applications to provide customers with a unique online shopping experience. Some of our clients include big names like “” and “My Every Wish.”

Activesite WCMS

ActiveSite is a solution designed to make website creation as simple as possible. It facilitates content creation, editing, control and other essential website maintenance functions, while eliminating the need for technical knowledge. This allows you to focus more on attracting and engaging customers, while saving money and time in the process. We at Neev have a renowned expertise in Java and J2EE architecture which we utilise in building ActiveSite. Some of our clients include INOX Movies, Leandersport, CSB and so on.


MODx is a free, open source content management system and web application framework for publishing content on the World Wide Web and local intranets. MODx gives you total creative freedom, allowing you to build any site you imagine without compromise or restrictions. It’s a great tool that makes custom sites faster to build and takes less time to maintain, thereby allowing you to put up content your way.


Magento is an open-source ecommerce web application, which serves as an ideal platform for the growth of small businesses. It allows clients to control every facet of business with respect to their e-store, while offering its services at a low cost of ownership. Magento lives up to its reputation of the fastest growing eCommerce platform and has proven to reach out to more customers through targeted micro-sites using its multi-store retailing functionality.

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In today's competitive world eCommerce is the new wave for businesses. An eCommerce portal has now become the center of a business's market reach strategy. With customers now demanding high usability, intuitiveness and interactivity during their shopping session it is vital to provide a convenient online storefront for their needs. In light of this, Neev has leveraged its depth in creating highly scalable and usable rich internet applications and portals to deliver some very innovative end to end eCommerce solutions for customers around the world.


Software as a Service is an alternative to buying software, which often requires paying for upgrades, maintenance as well as infrastructure. At Neev, we constantly build upon our knowledge of SaaS-based Web applications to allow clients superior functionality at lower costs, with no investment in software or additional hardware. It also eliminates the need for installations, licenses, setting up, training and maintenance.


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