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Company Name
Building a Scalable Web 2.0 Auction Platform

Neev provided Amprice with a scalable, Web 2.0 auction platform with an increased number of transactions per hour and reduced down time.

The Client

Amprice enables online commerce, operating close to 25 marketplaces in 23 countries. They have launched a new marketplace in Germany providing several options like Auctions, fixed price offers, barter-deals, calls for tender, etc. The site also contains a special B2B area with restricted access to commercial buyers and sellers.

Business Need

The client wanted a new Web 2.0 auction platform replacing the older one, which they anticipated would be unable to handle the huge traffic influx. They wanted a solution which is cost-effective yet highly scalable. They also required a better UI design.

Neev Solution

Neev provided a new deployment structure for increased scalability. Terracotta was used as a cluster tool. Neev used two Application servers with Terracotta server on top of them for Load Balancing. There were two Database servers (Master and Slave). The Master Database server handled all incoming requests from the Application servers. Replication happened between Master and Slave servers and these were always synchronized with each other.

Three online marketplaces were combined into one, thereby reducing maintenance cost. It was integrated with Google Product Base API for better and faster search. The dashboard was customized to improve usability.

Neev delivered custom scripts and imported the data to the new server. The cascading style sheets were used to integrate the images. Some of the other integrations include different types of Payment Gateways, Dream Robot, X-chat and J-forum. Neev also extended its support with service and maintenance and ensured that the functionalities were well documented.

Technology footprint

  • J2EE
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Struts
  • ANT
  • Tomcat and Apache Server
  • Terracotta
  • ActiveMQ

Top features

  • Rich and Multi-lingual user Interface
  • Suggestions are provided for popular terms
  • Faster search feature by popular categories, most sold etc. so that customer can find desired product quickly.
  • Easy generation of reports like invoice, auction details and member details

Top Challenges

  • Improper UI design for the older site hampered accessibility
  • Migration of a large amount of data
  • Optimizing Page Load times
  • Implementing search was difficult
  • Providing a scalable solution was a hard task

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