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Magento Performance Consulting

According to a February 2012 article on New York Times “People will visit a Web site less often if it is slower than a close competitor by more than 250 milliseconds (a millisecond is a thousandth of a second).”

Performance of Magento on the Cloud has bitten many e-commerce businesses. Neev has done extensive work to evolve best practices that bring together high-performance Magento stores with the advantages of the cloud. With over 5+ years of cloud experience, an AWS Consulting Partnership, a Magento Silver Partnership and several successful Magento deployments, Neev offers excellent options to bring high-performance to your Magento Store on the cloud.

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If your customers are abandoning shopping because of site performance issues, it is time to engage performance experts. At Neev, we have developed a deep knowledge of performance issues through our dedicated Performance Consulting practice. Being a partner, we understand Magento performance especially well and have a well-defined process to quickly detect and fix issues - whether rooted at the server hardware level or the code level. Neev has executed performance consulting assignments for sites like with over 100 million visits per month, and reduced the product importing time by a whopping 70%.

Here are a few optimization techniques across Magento eCommerce projects:

  • Nginx servers
  • Memcache distributed memory object caching system
  • Multiple App Servers with Load Balancer
  • Extensive MySQL DB tweaks
  • Front-end performance tweaks
  • Automation scripts for cache creation
  • Fragmented Caching
  • CDNs with Amazon Cloudfront & S3
  • Optimized SQL Queries
  • Custom Product import scripts
  • Alternative PHP Cache (APC)
  • Varnish cache
  • Automated Build deployments
  • Automated scripts for checking products on every category

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