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iOS Application Development

No mobile or iOS mobile application development company can afford to ignore iOS from Apple Inc. Simply because, it is the number two mobile operating system in the world. Apple’s iPhone, which houses the iOS, is the second highest selling smartphone in the world. The Apple App Store, the one-stop-shop for all iOS applications, has had over 100 billion app downloads till 2015.

Neev has a rich experience of over half-a-decade in mobile and iOS mobile application development, testing and deploying applications on the iOS platform.

Device Fragmentation:

source: Apple Inc

Apple recently confirmed at its worldwide developer conference (WWDC) that its mobile operating system iOS-8 is present on 83% of the active iOS device users. This statement was intended to demonstrate how quickly iOS device users upgrade to a software update compared to 12% for Android 5 users.

Neev iOS Offerings:

1.Enterprise mobile applications:

Under Apple's iOS Developer Enterprise Program, companies can publish in-house apps using an Enterprise App Store. According to a recent report by Citrix, 72% of customers were found to have deployed enterprise mobile management. Neev, with its experience in enterprise mobile and iOS mobile application development, is positioned to provide applications that enhance the productivity and save on time, cost and effort for its clients.

Neev iOS mobile application development team has created an application for a global B2B retail network. The application acts as an on-the-go marketplace for sales people and retailers who want to check the collections and place orders or make wholesale purchases even when offline.

2.B2C Applications:

The Apple App store caters specifically to applications for consumers. With over 100 billion downloads, a business cannot afford to not have its app on the Apple App store. Neev, with a range of iOS apps under its belt, has the right expertise for your iOS mobile application development.

Neev helped Infocast, Hong Kong’s biggest financial information services company, build an iOS-based application that depicts the real-time stock prices in a planetary model. Apart from English, an option to view the information in Mandarin was also provided.

3. Mobile Gaming:

With a broad experience in providing end-to-end offerings when it comes to iOS mobile application development for gaming, right from the conceptualization of a game to developing the UI/UX to deploying the game on App store, Neev is aptly positioned to deliver the promise. We also develop SDKs on the iOS platform for mobile games.

Neev helped Games2Win build Parking Frenzy, an iOS-based gaming application where the player has to park the car in the proper slot. With over 10 million installations on iOS, the application emerged as the #1 top free app for multiple countries in iTunes.

4.Mobile Video Streaming:

Neev has worked with more than 15 companies building or enabling applications in the domain of video/live streaming. Neev has a proven expertise in designing, building, deploying and maintaining video streaming applications. We have helped clients from a varied range of verticals in this space including media and entertainment, education, etc.

Neev developed an award-winning iOS-based video streaming application for a UK-based home/business security solutions provider. The application lets parents monitor the movements and hear the voices of their babies even when they are away from home.

5.Software Development kits (SDKs):

Neev is among the very few players in the industry with an expertise in iOS SDK development. Neev’s seasoned mobile and iOS mobile application development team has completed many challenging iOS SDK development projects and won laurels from our clients.

Neev developed an iOS-based SDK named ‘Appucino’ that adds chat, user profiles, and leaderboards to iOS-based gaming applications.

Points to Consider:

  • It is imperative to consider during the setup of a mobile practice the operational procedures involved in setting up the development environment, licensing, certification and deployment of the apps in the app store.

  • A• Apple provides increased security to applications on its app store. Once an application is submitted to the app store, it takes up to 10 days for the application to be published on the app store since Apple conducts a thorough check on all applications that are submitted for publishing on its app store. This ensures that only reliable and trustable applications are accessible on the Apple app store.

Key Challenges and Our Solutions:

We overcome typical challenges of mobile and iOS mobile application development like mobile OS evolution, mobile app release management, device management etc. with knowledge of latest iOS updates, attention to detail and careful planning at every stage of iOS mobile application development.

Why should you choose Neev for your iOS application development?

Hudson for Build Automation: -

We, at Neev, use Hudson tool for creating automated builds. This tool makes use of shell script to build the Application. This tool is Open Source and is built on Java. This enables it to function on all platforms. It supports Slave build agents which is a must-have for compiling iPhone applications.

A Generic Performance Improvement Framework created by Neev: -

Neev’s expert mobile and iOS mobile application development team has designed a framework that improves the performance of iOS-based applications which deal with download of multiple images. This framework is generic and can be implemented on various iOS projects that deal with images and table views. Based on the ‘lazy caching’ model, the framework will download only those images required to be displayed on the current screen position.

iOS Framework

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