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Company Name
New York
An SMS-Based Mobile Marketing Application using Ruby on Rails

Neev created an SMS-based Mobile Marketing application for a US-based company. The application works on short codes gathering information about customers based on a set of questions. With the help of this application, the client is now able to provide a communication channel for its customers and launch promotions and contests. Neev also extends support and maintenance services to this application.

The Client

Winedrip, a New York based company, is an information gathering website for wines. The web - based platform helps build lists, launch promotions, engage at live events, share information instantly and increase sales conversions between brands and audience. Winedrip believes that communicating with the audience when and where it matters most creates loyal customers and channel for amazing service. This also makes it easy for brands and agencies to interact and engage the audience leveraging mobile phones and text messages.

Business Need

Windedrip approached Neev Technologies with an idea to launch an SMS-based mobile marketing application using a popular concept called “short code” for its customers. This helps companies leverage the power of mobile and text messaging to build lasting relationships with their audience. The application was to be designed as a means of gathering information based on a set of questions using which the customers of Windedrip could get a better understanding of their end customers. Due to strict rules and regulations on sending SMS in the US, the application had to comply with the guidelines of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

Neev Solution

Neev used Ruby on Rails to develop the application. The application was integrated such that the messages are scanned before sending. There was a strong focus on UI owing to a demand for high quality. Any customer can send an SMS to a short code (the number 94637 which is derived from the word WINES) for the subscription of a program associated with the key word. The short code is followed by a series of questions to get some information about the customer. The application was designed to generate reports from time-to-time to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. Neev made use of Agile methodology to handle changing project requirements. Use of Agile development tool reduced the cost, improved the quality and added the advantage of accepting change requests at any point of time. Neev also extends support and maintenance services to this application.

Technology footprint

  • RoR
  • AJAX

Top features

  • Winedrip enabled its clients to launch campaigns, contests, promotions and communicate with their end customers.
  • Rich User-Interface.
  • Reduction in down time.
  • Indexing done periodically to increase speed.
  • Supports lengthy messages while maintaining their speed and quality.
  • Can generate reports to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Top Challenges

Since the company is based in the US which has strict rules and regulations pertaining to sending SMS to customers using short codes, the application had to be designed to comply with the rules and regulations and follow Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) guidelines.

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