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PhoneGap Development

Today, the demand for cross-platform apps is ever increasing. Although hybrid applications reside in a web container, they are increasingly providing us the feel of native applications. This being the scenario, large number of mobile application development companies are looking at PhoneGap/ Cordova as their go-to solution.

PhoneGap is an Open Source framework that helps build hybrid applications which work on most mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone among others. framework provides a container that bridges the native APIs to the web view. As UI is rendered via web views instead of UI framework native to mobile platforms, and platform native resources are accessed from FFI (Foreign Function Interface) feature, applications developed using PhoneGap are Hybrid.

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This framework is used by several mobile application platforms such as ViziApps, Worklight, Convertigo and AppMobi as the backbone of their mobile client development engine.

As development using PhoneGap framework can be done using common web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the same application works cross-platform, the application development cost across multiple mobile operating systems highly reduces. Hence, PhoneGap framework provides some significant advantages on cost, time and effort.

The web infrastructure provides easy tools to build your app without the need for the platform locally.

To summarize, following are the advantages of using PhoneGap:

  • Write once, run on multiple platforms
  • Extend functionality using native plugins
  • Cloud-based build system (Phonegap Build)
  • Uniform design across platforms using a framework like Bootstrap
  • Native look and feel available using a framework like ionic framework
  • Code in Javascript for all platforms
  • Access to all device capabilities.

PhoneGap is apt for single page Apps and for enterprise Apps with specific focus on the application features. Phonegap supports most of the commonly required features like:

  • Encrypted database (using SQLite and SQLcrypt plugin)
  • Push messages
  • Fast loading and searches using batch and AngularJS filters
  • Photo capture and QR code scanner
  • Geo-location updates

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We, at Neev, are well equipped to cater to all your PhoneGap needs, because:

  • Neev has developed and implemented an advanced survey app using PhoneGap for a Bangalore-based startup.
  • Most of the complexity in creating an application using PhoneGap framework lies in the level of expertise in JavaScript. Hence, all challenges related to PhoneGap framework mentioned previously could be subdued only with a well-experienced and highly-skilled JavaScript team like the one at Neev.
  • The JavaScript team at Neev is well acquainted with multiple JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, jQuery among others.

Neev expertise on frontend technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript could be well understood from:

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