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Building a Custom SDK on iOS for Social Gaming,with Customizable Leaderboards by Location

Neev developed a custom SDK for the iOS platform named Appucino that enables game developers offer their game on a social gaming platform. This is achieved through a simple integration of the SDK onto their gaming applications. It lets gamers compete for ranks in real world locations through a location-specific leader board, create user profiles and chat with each other. For the game developers, it enhances user engagement, brings new gamers to their app and also gives an opportunity to increase their revenues.

The Client

Appucino has been developed by Games2win Pvt. Ltd., a Global top 20 online gaming company that produces casual, social and mobile games. Launched in 2005, the Mumbai-headquartered Games2Win owns a game development studio. Its 600+ flash games on the web and mobile devices entertain over 20 million gamers every month. It also has an in-game ads network and a social platform for mobile apps and web-based games.

Business Need

The client Games2Win wanted to build a social gaming platform for mobile gamers on the iOS platform that would incorporate certain features of social gaming into existing games. With the help of this platform, game developers can add location-based customizable leader boards, chat and user profiles to their gaming applications. The client needed the platform to be designed so that it can be integrated into gaming applications quickly and easily. The platform also allows gamers to compete with one another for ranks, by location.

Neev Solution

To implement the social gaming platform, Neev built a custom SDK for iOS that could be integrated into any gaming application with the addition of just five lines of code. This enables game developers to integrate the SDK into their applications easily and quickly. Once successfully integrated, they are required to submit the game for publishing on Appucino. A game developer can login into their Appucino developer account and view all the games submitted by him/her on their dashboard. Appucino makes use of the Google Maps library to enable gamers to compete for ranks by real world locations.
A player is displayed a list of games to choose from and can attempt to challenge other players in an existing location. Appucino then starts the game and the player is given a target to beat. As the players play the game, they accumulate a score. Once the game is over, Appucino presents the ‘capture’ button with a list of places that can be ‘captured’ with that score. A gamer scoring highest will jump to the top of the leader board of a location. The SDK enables other players of that game to see all places ‘captured’ in the Appucino leaderboard.

Technology footprint

  • Objective C
  • iOS SDK
  • Flurry
  • Crashlytics
  • Admob

Top features

  • A unique location-based leader board for games
  • Since only 5 lines of code are required to integrate this SDK to any gaming application, the customer had the privilege of getting many game developers to integrate this SDK onto their gaming applications.
  • Integrating the challenge handler in a game and accurately configuring the game modes on the Appucino dashboard was critical for best player experience.

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