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Open Source Contributions by Neev

Open source is all about innovation. Features are added to actually increase compatibility and usability. Open source is all about what a user wants and not about what vendors think they want. It is a collective effort owned by a community with a common goal.

Why is Open Source good for your Business

  • Cost Effective

    A big advantage is the cost factor. There are no license fees with open source software. Open source software / applications are mostly available free of cost or are less expensive compared to other licensed solutions. You can pay for just the services you need.

  • Freedom from Vendor Lock-In

    With Open Source, you are not locked into contracts with a particular vendor or organization. You can choose and pick just the services that you need.

  • Transparency

    The source code is open to the public. There is complete transparency and reliability. Users need not worry about features being unnecessarily boasted of just to increase the list price.

  • Security and Reliability

    These solutions are open to the public. These are downloaded and used by millions of users. Hence the code often goes through various cycles of testing, debugging and is perfected, making it highly secure. They are reliable and made to adapt easily.

Today there are many companies that are open to the idea of sharing and actively promote open source projects. We, at Neev not only promote open source, but actively utilize open source wherever possible in order to increase ROI for customers and decrease time-to-market. Also it is the best way to give something back to the community. Here are a few of our contributions towards Open Source.

Tools Details Technology License Contributed by Tool URL
ActiveSiteNG ActiveSiteNG is a light weight Java/J2EE wcms that can run on traditional RDBMS, NoSQL like MongoDB and Googles Big Table. ActiveSiteNG provides a WCMS features to define custom content types, folder hierarchies and custom modules using struts. JSP,Java,JavaScript Apache License V2.0 Saurabh Chandra, Khurshidali Shaikh, RKVS Raman View
Camel EAI tool - AWS tool support work. Adding the support for the AWS S3 and AWS SES. Java Apache Ravi Petlur View
Cobertura Java code coverage tool. Addition of bug fix for the branch based code coverage and adding the openejb support for the EJB code coverage. Java Apache Ravi Petlur View
Linkedin A fork of exisitng linkedin gem to add support for the Company API Ruby Custom Khurshidali Shaikh View
parichit ocr OCR for Indian languages Java Apache Raman View
indic-jasper Support for Indian languages in Jasper reports Java/OpenOffice Apache Raman View
GXLiterate Inline Transliteration in OpenOffice Writer for Indian Languages Java/OpenOffice Apache Raman View
gnome-termslator In-place UI terms translator for Indian languages Python-gtk Apache Raman View
prioritised_ar_maile Fork of Ruby ar_mailer gem to queue and deliver mails using priority. This helps to send high priority mails before low priority ones. Also it allows one bypass the queuing of certain mails which need to be sent instantly Ruby/Rails Apache Gaurav Soni View
Homer Ruby gem to keep track of your dotfiles . "homer add" your dotfiles ( .bashrc , .vimrc etc ) , "homer push" them to your GitHub . Next time you're stuck with a hostile system , relax and be at home after you do a "homer hi " Ruby MIT Emil Soman View
Cloudster Cloudster is a gem that generates cloud formation templates for your Cloud Resources. Cloudster uses the AWS APIs to provision stacks on Amazon Cloud . Ruby MIT Emil Soman View
SocialPaper A Web app that collates tweets from a curated lists and displays them in a responsive design format EmberJS Vinci Rufus View
flvtool2 flvtool2 is a ruby based tool used to inject meta data in flash video(FLV) files. This is a fork of the original flvtool2 which works with H.264 codec and allows injection of seekpoints meta data in flv files Ruby/Rails Khurshdiali Shaikh View
mail-queue-with-priority This is an extension of the mail-queue rails plugin that can send mails in background. This extension adds priority to the sent mails so that emails with high priority are sent before those with lower priority Ruby/Rails MIT Khurshdiali Shaikh View
AurigaDoc AurigaDoc is a java-xml-xsl based documentation tool for writing xml documents and converting them to other open formats like HTML(single and multi page), DHTML, PDF, PostScript, Formatting Object(FO), RTF, Java Help and HTML Help(.chm). AurigaDoc is a not an xml editor.
The idea is to keep a single document source(as xml) and convert it to various formats using XSLT.
In addition to the command line interface the conversion functionality of AurigaDoc can be called from java classes. Since the conversion of the source xml document to various output formats is done using XSL it is possible to customize the output by specifying a custom xsl as a parameter to the AurigaDoc converter.
Java GPL Khurshdiali Shaikh View
AurigaDoclet AurigaDoclet is a Javadoc doclet which can generate Java API document in fo, pdf, postscript, pcl, and svg format. AurigaDoclet accepts command line options which can be used to further customize the generated output. Java GPL Khurshdiali Shaikh View
Javadoc2Help Javadoc2Help is a java based tool for converting the javadoc generated html ouput into Java Help, HTMl Help(CHM) and Oracle Help For Java(OHJ) format. Java GPL Khurshdiali Shaikh View
Intellibash Intelli Bash is a modified GNU Bash Shell. It is a simple solution using the concept of 'locality of reference' and 'Pareto principle'.Just like pressing up arrow in normal shell lists the previous commands, pressing the down arrow in IntelliBash will list the commands issued in the current working directory. This helps the user find those commands which are relevant to the working directory and not all commands as in normal shell. IntelliBash needs libxml2 to compile. C/C++ GPL Raman View