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Cloud Centric Design

Architecting for the cloud

The cloud offers some fantastic advantages – being able to scale up or down automatically and within minutes and being costed on the pay-per-use model are two of the biggest ones.

... but how much can your application take advantage of its benefits?

Scalable Cloudbased Web Application Architecture

It is also important to recognize that having been built out of low cost, commodity hardware and with no SLA on individual instances, the premise of the cloud is that applications are architected to withstand individual instance failures.

We specialize in designing applications for the cloud. This means that your application knows when its running out of resources and when additional pressure is starting to build up on the infrastructure. The application has deeper knowledge of what might be broken, what might be done to fix it and when it needs to alert you on abnormal usage scenarios. If you receive a thousand orders a week for 10 weeks and then it drops to a hundred, it knows! If your sign-up page takes 5 seconds longer than usual to respond, it knows! And if your application needs more fire-power to respond to an event, it knows what to do!

Building cloud based applications is what we have done for 'four years' and its what we do best!


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