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Company Name
Website Performance Optimization through Cloud Migration and Prevention of DDOS Attacks

Neev helped the client prevent Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attacks on its servers and improved the response time by installing innovative security fixes and also helped save costs by migrating to AWS cloud.

The Client

Founded in the year 1979 in Atlanta, USA, KEH is the world’s largest dealer of used photographic (digital and film) products with a selection of over 60,000 items that matches every taste and budget. KEH lets anyone in any corner of the world sell or trade equipment with a global customer base made up mostly of photography enthusiasts.

Business Need

The KEH website used to be down for 2-3 days continuously due to DDOS attacks on its servers. With a global demand for its products, had to be up 24/7. It required a security fix to prevent these DDOS attacks on their servers permanently.

They were also using heavy in-house hardware - a 34 GB application server with a 32GB RAM for the application server and a 16 GB RAM for the DB server. KEH used to run regular promotional campaigns during which they had very high website traffic. The large in-house storage capacity could accommodate their traffic during these campaigns but its capacity was largely redundant and lay unused during normal traffic. The infrastructure was very expensive to maintain. KEH required a cost-effective solution to minimize infrastructure while managing traffic fluctuations.

Neev Solution

Neev migrated KEH to a dedicated AWS cloud. The migration to cloud dramatically reduced the infrastructure requirements. The storage capacity was scaled up only during peak loads to accommodate high traffic. Due to the newly acquired scalability, could now absorb the DDOS attacks.

Neev also deployed additional security layers on the cloud like synchronous replication of database and automatic failover across multiple geographic locations that put a full stop to the DDOS attacks on KEH servers.

Neev also improved the response time of the KEH website by deploying a front-end caching server ahead of the application server.

Since the deployment of the new cloud-based system, KEH has not faced any DDOS attacks for a year now. Before migrating to the cloud, KEH used servers that costed $1500 per month and lacked a caching mechanism, a load balancer, scalability and multi-location MySQL replication with high availability. The database server could not be replicated.

Neev migrated KEH to a cloud setup that costs $1800 per month (including the infrastructure scale up costs during promotions) but provides the server with a caching mechanism, a load balancer, scalability and multi-location MySQL replication resulting in high availability. This provided huge cost savings to KEH during normal traffic. The server had a point-in-time backup feature as well.

After deploying the Neev solution, KEH had an 8% increase in their page views, a 7.23 % increase in the number of pages viewed per visit, and a 4.5% decrease in bounce rate. When it came to new visitors visiting KEH, the bounce rate had a 20% drop and the pages viewed per visit shot up by 11.5%.

Technology footprint

  • Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancer, RDS with multiAZ
  • Varnish Caching Server
  • MySQL

Top features

  • Deployment of Varnish cache
  • Synchronous replication of database
  • Automatic failover across multiple geographic locations
  • Installation of a front-end caching server
  • Dedicated cloud infrastructure

Top Challenges

  • Data migration was a challenge due to the need to transfer a huge amount of data within a week’s time.

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