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Call us now : Business Queries: +919663372351 | Career Queries: 080-49253909

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Neev loves working on next generation technologies. And our clients love us for that. Over the last 8+ years, we have worked with more than 200 customers across the globe. Our customer base covers the entire spectrum - from an entrepreneur in a garage in the Silicon Valley to a Fortune 10 company. Over the years, more than 100 startups in the Bay Area in US, Europe and India would have launched their Version 1.0 with Neev. Some of them, like InMobi, have gone to become great successes but we are proud of all of them.


Neev is an expert in making SaaS (Software as a Service) based products and applications and that is what most of our clients need. In many cases, we have worked with them to evolve business models to include SaaS keeping in mind the customer preferences for the day. It has opened new business opportunities and made them successful in many ways.


Several startups and enterprises engage Neev as a product development and QA partner.  Our strengths with social media and mobility solutions make sure that the solutions we create connect with the audience and are available in their hands, literally. Many entreprise customers have benefited with our web and mobile solutions that connect with their traditional SAP, Oracle or other legacy backends. Neev has developed complex solutions such as custom rule engines, massively scalable social media analytics, tier 1 SMS gateway, iPhone/Android/BlackBerry applications and many more.

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