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User Experience

A great user experience is a great differentiator in this increasingly visual and user-centric world. Our UI/UX experts have designed popular ecommerce and media portals applying user-centric design principles to generate cohesive and desirable designs.

We have a comprehensive 4-step UI/UX Design process as depicted below:

comprehensive 4-step UI/UX Design process

The design process starts with Mindmapping and moves to Whiteboarding, Wireframes, Photoshop mockups and clickthrough HTMLs respectively –each step adding more clarity and purpose to the UI. Throughout the process, the objective is to keep the navigation simple and intuitive, reduce the number of user steps/clicks and have an appealing look and feel that is adaptable across platforms.

Usability studies are conducted on random samples to validate the UI/UX design. User A/B and Multivariate testing techniques are employed. The studies also look at the performance of the application at the front-end, in terms of time taken to do specific user tasks.

Making vTiger look good

We, at Neev are actively promoting usability in Open Source Software. Taking this challenge up as an internal project, we decided to revamp vTiger, a popular CRM application. Receiving a lot of feedback and demand for the redesigned theme, we decided to put it up here.

Please take a look at the demo of the fully functional theme below where you can purchase the theme. We also have the theme designs available for free download.


Please register to login to your demo account of the theme.

To read more about the theme, here is a detailed post on how we went about with the redesign process.

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