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Company Name
Designing the User Interface for a Collaborative Online Sports Platform

Neev designed the front end for an online portal that interfaced with various entities in the online sports space like players, coaches, sponsors and organizers and helped them collaborate better. We designed a simple interface with the inputs expected from the user kept to the minimum and highlighting only call-to action. Due to a wide feature-set required to cater to a broad base of target audience, the functionalities and features were grouped according to user roles or personas and scenarios detailed out according to that.

The Client

10Wickets is a self-funded internet start-up that aimed to unify all stakeholders in the sports ecosystem and bring them under one online platform, starting with cricket. 10Wickets was meant to be completely free for its users (players, coaches, scorekeepers, umpires, sports photographers, fans, etc). However, an annual subscription-fee was levied to clubs, academies, tournament organizers and sponsors for its usage.

Business Need

To create an online solution that seamlessly integrated the entire cricket ecosystem. This would include information, collaboration and social media features for businesses as well as individual users. The solution had to cater to a broad stakeholder base with varied interests and therefore, to a broad range of feature-set requirements.

Neev Solution

We began by brainstorming on personas (user roles) in the system and prioritizing features for each of them. Mutual interaction of all entities was a challenge as all were focused on different features and functionalities. We broke down all functionalities and grouped relevant ones as per persona. Then, we converged those persona based workflows towards a goal and detailed out all scenarios.

Throughout the engagement wire framing remained an iterative process since the need for additional requirements were felt as we progressed. We started with mini-flows and low-fidelity wireframes and created complete visual click-flows, iterating as needed.

The target audience was understood to not be tech savvy and hence the focus was on content rather than aesthetics. We maintained a simple color theme emphasizing only call-to-action in bright colors within familiar layouts.

Main landing pages for all entities were created to resemble a dashboard displaying information like current ranking, running/upcoming tournaments, team details etc. Each of these would drill down to specific information that the user needed. The aim was to provide the most relevant information on all pages at prime locations so as to draw due attention. Also, required user inputs were kept to minimum mandatory values.

The engagement spanned across company branding, over 50 screens of wireframes, design files and HTML. Also, support during integration was provided.

Technology footprint

  • Wire framing tools
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Top features

  • Persona-based grouping of functionality and flow
  • A dynamic mix of information, collaboration and social media features to provide a rich engagement with the user
  • Ease of access to information through a logical, structured architecture across user roles

Top Challenges

  • Managing interactions between a large numbers of stakeholders and ensuring all scenarios were covered.
  • Being an internet business, conversion was crucial. By simplifying interactions and making actions self-explanatory, we were able to achieve the desired conversions.

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