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Android Application Development

Here are a few statistics for organizations weary of hiring an Android mobile application development company. Currently, over 87% of the world population uses a mobile phone and more than a billion people use smartphones. The Android operating system (OS) holds a 78% market share for smartphones and tablets globally with more than 1.6 million applications built on the platform. IDC, the marketing intelligence and Analysis Company, says Android will continue its dominance in the mobile OS space over the next five years.



Neev has been among the top Android mobile application development companies since early years of its establishment in 2005. With a state-of-the-art development facility, we have developed, tested and deployed over 50 mobile apps. With an experienced team of Android application developers, you can rely on Neev for all your Android mobile application development needs.

Neev Android offerings

Enterprise mobile applications:

Mobile applications in the business sphere are the future. Decision makers now see that these tools increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and increase revenue in ways other devices simply cannot. Neev has an extensive experience working with high profile clients for Android mobile application development that simplify operations, streamline processes and increase revenues.

Neev developed an Android-based order management application for the sales force of Mighty Auto Parts, a large US-based automotive parts distributor spread across the United States taking orders for auto parts on-the-go from its clients.

Software Development Kits (SDKs):

SDKs form the base for development of applications on the Android platform. We have helped many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) create SDKs on Android to aid their Android mobile application development projects.

Neev helped Appbattler, a Swedish start-up, develop an Android-based SDK that helps game developers/publishers integrate this platform in their games to augment users and revenues. Appbattler helps gamers to socialize, throw challenges and battle out to win prizes.

B2C Applications:

The B2C category is currently a leading category of applications in terms of downloads and usage. Neev has created applications in this space that have garnered appreciation and market share for its clients.

We undertook the Android mobile application development for Tripflick - a Singapore-based information services company, which helps users plan their trip via a mobile device. The application also works offline and provides geo-localized recommendations, map view with dynamic routing and voice capabilities.

Mobile Gaming:

Mobile gaming is fast catching up with users looking for more innovative games that can keep them engaged and entertained. Neev has expertise in coming up with new Android games based on client requirements. With an expert UI/UX team, we have hands-on experience in enriching user experience and providing the user with maximum entertainment.

Neev created an Android-based gaming application, Baby’s Day Out for Games2Win where the player’s goal is to help the baby reach the exit point without being spotted by the parent. The application garnered over four million downloads.

Mobile Video Streaming:

Neev has established itself as a reliable player in the niche mobile video streaming space and has a portfolio of diverse Android mobile application development projects with video streaming for a number of clients. We have worked with clients across verticals including media and entertainment, education, social media networking and direct consumer applications. We design, build, deploy and maintain Android mobile applications that are stable, reliable and can work even on slow internet connections.

Neev helped Apalya which holds a monopoly in the Indian mobile video content streaming market build, an Android-based video streaming application to share and deliver content on mobile devices. is the flagship service of Apalya.

Google releases a new version of Android every 6 months and device manufacturers take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to come up with phones that support the new version. This gives us a lead time of anywhere between 3 to 6 months to release apps which are compatible and utilize the features provided by the latest version of the OS.

Such nuances need to be handled right at the beginning of Android mobile application development, and the processes should be defined in such a way that adaptability to the new versions of Android is seamless. While the process is sturdy, the apps are contemporary and stay in line with the evolving ecosystem.

Neev pillars in Android application development are:

Handling the Device fragmentation challenge for Android application development:

Device fragmentation is one of the key risks identified by leading Android developers which need to be mitigated upfront. We counter this challenge by determining:

  • The version of Android for which we would be building the application
  • The fragmentation of each version. We decide on the devices which are commonly used for each of these versions.

We also take the following factors into consideration:

  • Form factor and Resolution
  • RAM, Memory
  • Touch/Non Touch based devices
  • Devices with built in GPS/ No GPS

State-of-the-art development facility and test lab:

With access to cutting edge technologies and UI/UX design, your end product is bound to look and feel unique. The valuable data provided by the built-in mobile analytics tools enable us to determine the right mobile platform, identify the source of traffic and measure app performance so that maximum benefit is derived right from the start. An Android application developer license allows us to test many devices to ensure that the application performs at its peak on each of the devices.

Neev utilizes its extensive experience in performing mobile testing over:

  • Emulators
  • Physical devices that are part of our test lab
  • Cloud based devices which- allows organizations to streamline development, test, support and monitor processes; perform more tests on each handset and ensure optimal compatibility of the application, site or service on more handsets, networks and locations. As a result, customers gain better quality testing, shorter time-to-market and overall reduction in costs and logistical efforts.

Continuous application development support:

Neev provides continuous support at every stage of the Android mobile application development process with a meticulously planned approach right from setting up the mobile practice, commissioning the team, training, conducting a pilot for the mobile practice as well as for new services, service offerings on multiple platforms, rollout in multiple markets, developing and maintaining support products and deployment on the Google Play store.

Productivity and Quality are two areas Neev constantly strives for improvement. Continuous improvement process for every release over a period of time will ensure that the productivity and quality of the release keeps getting better and better.

If you would like a quote for any particular solution or if you have any queries that need clarification, you can contact us and we’ll get back to you with the right solution

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