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Company Name
An Android-based Order Management Application for Sales Personnel

Neev helped a large US-based automotive parts distributor build an application on Android. It helped its sales force spread across the United States take orders for auto parts on-the-go from its clients. The application was required to have many custom features like being able to work offline, storing orders taken in the last 30 days among others.

The Client

Established in 1963, Mighty Auto Parts has been serving the multi-million dollar automotive aftermarket since the past fifty years. Mighty Auto Parts sources high quality auto parts from leading original equipment manufacturers and serves the automotive service professionals all across the United States. From multi-bay specialty shops to tyre centers to dependent shops, it partners with more than 12,000 repair facilities.

Business Need

As part of its large network of distributors, Mighty Auto Parts has many franchisee centers spread across different states of the USA. A number of sales professionals are stationed at each of these franchisee centers. Each of them approach clients to take orders for auto parts.

The sales professionals were using a Windows mobile application. But since the sales professionals had to collect orders for thousands of Mighty’s parts, the Windows mobile application developed a lot of performance issues. With the growing market share of Android phones in the market, the client decided to create an application for Android that is similar to its Windows mobile version.

The client approached Neev to build an Android-based application that could work seamlessly both offline and online. The application had to automatically sync with the server whenever it is online. The application was also required to ‘remember’ orders taken during the last 30 days and allow the user to enter details about parts returned due to defects along with the Defect Return Reason Codes.

Neev Solution

Neev performed the development and testing of the Android-based application. The application transmits orders with an order transmission time of 10 to 30 seconds. It also loads and reloads data quickly due to which a reasonably sized data set can be reloaded in 15 minutes. The application automatically syncs the data when online.

Being data stingy, the application would retain only the most necessary data in the handset.

The application allows entry of defective parts returned by Mighty’s clients along with the defect return reason codes. The application also retains in its memory orders taken in the last 30 days.

Since the client required their sales personnel to be able to take an order of up to 1000 parts at a time, we used Robotium for load testing for up to 1000 parts.

Technology footprint

  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • ORMLite
  • SQL-Lite
  • Robotium

Top features

  • Offline capability to work seamlessly in low signal strength zones as well.
  • Automatically syncs with the server whenever internet connectivity is available.
  • Search capabilities.
  • Backend ERP integration to pull and push live inventory data.

Top Challenges

  • Faced issues while running the App in Dual Core and Quad Core Processor Android devices since concurrent requests are sent to DB in such cases. ORMlite framework was used for the same.
  • Application had to work in offline mode.
  • Ensure that the application works seamlessly fast in both offline and online modes.

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