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Quality - The Neev Edge

The Neev’s edge in Delivery comes from the tenet - Quality in everything we do. We believe that Quality is not a goal to achieve. It is a way of life at Neev. Quality is embedded in every deliverable, every project, and every process we follow. It is this consistent ability to raise the bar one feet higher, that has sustained Neev at this high level over the years.


Quality in Neev is characterized by two key ingredients that create a unique advantage for Delivery – Agility and Rigor.


Tuned to smaller and faster releases
At Neev, we believe that a product needs to be out there being used by users all the time. Our processes are tuned to ensure faster and shorter production release cycle. Testing methodologies are agile and supports this lean philosophy.


Open Source Advantage
The QA team at Neev derives its strength from its ability to use open source tools to its advantage at the right time in a release cycle. The Knowledge and skill in using open source tools helps us in ensuring success stories in release after release. Well-versed on tools like Selenium, JMeter, JUnit, TestLink, the Quality team can quickly deliver the results.


Agile PDCA
We believe in planning ahead, acting proactively, quickly stopping to check and take corrective actions. The practice of PDCA in projects as a philosophy, helps us meet and exceed customer expectations time and again. Every project undergoes a management review every week. Risks and challenges are identified quickly and converted into advantages for the project.


End User Focus
The QA team ensures that the end user of the application is kept in mind at all times. We firmly believe that the success of any software project depends on the end-user experience. Test scenarios are designed keeping the end user in mind at all times.


Exhaustive Coverage
The test scenarios derived ensure that there is exhaustive coverage of all business scenarios on the application. The process of scenario generation is a high value brain activity that the entire team enjoys.


Depth of Focus
QA team not only focuses on breadth but also on depth of every feature and its inter-relationships with other features in the application. Thus we ensure that the testing process is approached in a holistic manner.


The Platform Edge
The depth of the platform knowledge gained over the years by sustained domain focus has made the QA team very sophisticated in its ability to handle projects across all of the below platforms.

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • Social Media

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