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Company Name
An Android App for Taxi Drivers & Car Rental Companies to Manage Service Requests on the Move

Neev upgraded an App for which enables taxi drivers to register and receive booking information from TaxiForSure office via Push notifications and service them accordingly. The App provides customers’ details for pick-up and the list of pending bookings. A digital meter was also implemented which made use of GPS to track the distance traveled. The App helped TaxiForSure meet the needs of a large number of passengers and drivers, quickly expanding its reach from Bangalore to Delhi.

The Client is an aggregator of car rentals and taxis in India. They work with various taxi operators and enable them to ensure customers get an easily accessible, safe & reliable taxi ride. Started in 2011, today they have enabled bookings in Bangalore and Delhi and they plan to service other major cities in the future.

Business Need

TaxiForSure had an existing App which needed modifications so that it could be understood and used easily by taxi drivers enabling them to access information on the fly. There were also performance issues and bugs to be fixed in the meter reading functionality of the existing App.

Neev Solution

Neev upgraded the existing App allowing the taxi drivers to receive booking information easily through push notifications. NameListener(), an API provided by Android SDK, was used for tracking the location of the taxi and improve the accuracy of the distance measured. Neev implemented a digital meter, using GPS-location-change-event so as to track the changes in the taxi’s GPS location. The App also calculates the distance from a previous location, and displays the distance. Here, the App checks that the taxi captures a minimum of 20 meters from its previous position before calculating the total distance. Neev also revamped the UI to provide information to the drivers in an easily accessible manner while on the move.

Technology footprint

  • Node.js
  • GCM
  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • MySQL

Top features

  • Digital meter and GPS tracking for distance traveled
  • Push notifications for bookings
  • Pickup or rejection confirmations
  • A simple UI designed for people who are not tech savvy; can be used while driving
  • Taxi driver profiles (‘My Profile’)

Top Challenges

  • Tracking taxi location and syncing location data with server
  • Measuring distance traveled by taxis accurately
  • Managing Push notifications from the server
  • Displaying an accurate digital meter to taxi driver

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