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Company Name
A Global Mobile Messaging Company
Migration to a New Bug-free Messaging Platform for a Global Mobile Messaging Company

The messaging platform that was being used by the client, a global bulk SMS services provider, became a thing of the past as Neev stepped in to debug, add features and setup QA tools and processes. The platform was updated to improve the messaging services provided by the client. This helped it reach out to a wider audience with improved quality of service.

The Client

The client is an international mobile messaging company offering global MT termination options on over 800+ networks. They offer Bulk SMS Gateways and Software, Number Lookup, Mobile Connect (user can connect applications with mobile users all around the globe) and Virtual Mobile Numbers. They also provide IVR Billing solution in over 30 countries.

Business Need

The client was still using an older platform for their messaging services which was not very organized and lacked tools for adequate Quality Assurance. They acquired a new platform which was buggy and their knowledge base for the same was limited. The client was looking for a vendor who could understand and debug the new platform. The customer needs were also changing rapidly and the client needed a solution which incorporated the latest features in the least possible time.

Neev Solution

The new platform primarily consisted of two load balancers (for distributing incoming traffic) in the front-end, four application servers and two data nodes. Neev with its expertise in PHP was able to add value to the new platform (v 1.5). This also consisted of development test tools i.e., test clients and test suppliers to create a live scenario so that platform 1.5 can be tested more aggressively. Neev also extended support and maintenance for the platform which included developing a dashboard and setting up QA (Quality Assurance) processes. Neev shared its documentation with the client to grow in-house expertise. Neev ensured that the code and functionality were well-documented. Splunk was used for easy monitoring and reporting.

Technology footprint

  • PHP
  • ACTIVE XPERTS (SMS and MMS toolkit)

Top features

  • Development Test tools ( Test clients and Test suppliers).
  • An easy-to-use dashboard.

Top Challenges

  • Neev had only 3 weeks at its disposal to gather and absorb all details about the functionality of the platform and understand the application code. This was difficult because there was a lack of proper documentation.
  • The design had to be robust and the QA process had to be complete and trustworthy.

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