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Company Name
A Network - Camera based Security Solutions Provider
Turn Your iOS Device into a Camera Monitor

Neev created an iOS app that enabled monitoring and controlling multiple cameras of the client in a network. It also enabled viewing video streams from multiple cameras in the network and saving selected feeds to an iOS device. The App uses 3G or WiFi via local networks or the internet for connectivity and has an intuitive user interface providing quick, easy and secure access.

The Client

This award-winning network camera manufacturer delivers simple and affordable products that keep an eye on one’s loved ones and family. It mainly targets residential and small business owners with products compatible with PC and Mac platforms providing camera solutions with live audio and video, motion detection, email and FTP alerts and mobile viewing.

Business Need

The client required a quick and easy way to view multiple camera streams on the user's iPhone or iPad over multiple mobile networks. The App also had to allow easy monitoring and managing of the cameras and saving selected feeds on the iOS device. The client wanted to do away with the clutter of bulky traditional monitors by moving to a portable display of iPhone and iPad. The interface was meant to be simple and to be used without a computer.

Neev Solution

Neev developed an iOS app that allowed for easy viewing on the move and was compatible with all current camera models of the manufacturer. It also allowed for viewing streams over 3G or WiFi via local networks or the internet. An onscreen display was made available for viewing the feed which could be maximized to full screen with alarms for each camera. A custom video player was built for the App for viewing video streams. Neev was also involved in the testing of the App.

Technology footprint

  • Objective C
  • iOS SDK
  • Flurry Analytics
  • AV Foundation Framework
  • TestFlight

Top features

  • Viewing camera streams quickly and easily.
  • Grants instant access by storing a camera’s IP address, username and password.
  • Provides option to mute the audio stream.
  • Provides support for up to 8 cameras.
  • Allows users to add, edit and delete cameras.
  • Enables users to name each camera.
  • Works with all network camera models from the client.
  • Users can take snapshots of the camera feed which are automatically saved in the photo gallery of the device.

Top Challenges

  • Neev had to develop a customized video player for streaming, providing a lot of options
  • The App had to be made available over a number of networks
  • Network loss and connectivity issues were also encountered

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