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Company Name
An iOS-based Social Networking Application Connecting People Joining Events

Neev built an iOS-based social networking application for a US-based start-up that connects people who are interested in attending events and enabled them to plan and attend together. The users can login to the application, share their plans, search for other users who are attending an event, connect with them and plan together, while maintaining privacy. The users can then chat with friends who are available to attend the event. Unlike services like FourSquare that let users’ friends know only after users reach a place, this application allows broadcasting of users’ plans in advance. As a social networking application, it enables users to easily search for people with similar interests, stay connected, and make plans with like-minded people to have a great time together.

The Client

I Am Up For (IMUP4) was co-founded in April, 2010, by two friends, Suraj Patel and Shawn Pelsinger at NYU Law School. IMUP4 is currently based in New York City. It started with a simple question: “What's going on tonight?” This led the founder duo to the thought of creating a better way to stay connected and make plans with friends. IMUP4 is a social networking application aimed at connecting people who plan to attend events.

Business Need

The solution had to enable users to:

  • Selectively share their plans for any activity
  • Find other users interested in attending events and plan together
  • Connect with people having similar interests
  • Maintain privacy

Neev Solution

With its in-depth understanding of the Social Media, Web and Mobile space, Neev developed an iOS-based social networking application that integrates the three and protects privacy by allowing people across various networks to only view content they share an interest in.

The project was fast tracked with the use of an Agile development model. Neev also enhanced the UI designs and optimized server usage. The application was made highly secure to adhere to the client’s privacy requirement.

How it works? :

The users sign up with their basic details like first name, last name, gender, location and email address. Once registered, the application lets users selectively import contacts from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, email and the phone’s address book and connect with their circle of friends. Users can share and indicate their availability for an event and ask others to join them. The application then alerts users’ friends about the users’ availability and vice versa for an event(s). Alternatively, the users can also email [email protected] mentioning the event name and date in the subject line. The application then lets friends who have indicated their availability at a similar time and event join the user. The application also lets friends’ friends know about the availability of the user. To maintain privacy, the users can just inform their friends that they are ‘up4’ something, instead of revealing their plans for the event. Once friends choose to be ‘up4’ and join a shared plan, the users can chat with them.

Technology footprint

  • Java 5
  • Hibernate
  • Struts 2
  • Springs
  • Postgres 1.10.2
  • Ajax
  • Webservices (Soap UI) technologies

Top features

  • The application has a rich and easy-to-use user interface (UI).
  • Users can publish and share events.
  • They can search and connect easily with other users who are interested in attending an event.
  • Maintains privacy - does not broadcast anyone's plans.
  • Chat with others in the network.
  • Lets friends’ friends know about the users’ engagements.
  • It ensures that the user connects to the maximum number of people with similar interests.

Top Challenges

  • While targeting multiple platforms namely web, social media and mobile, the project had to emulate common functionalities overcoming challenges in each platform.
  • Integrating third party social networking sites posed several technical challenges.
  • Keeping up with constant requests for changes / enhancements but still being able to meet deadlines was a challenge.

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