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Company Name
India-based provider of Sales force management and analytics solutions
An Android-based GPS Tracker to Monitor On-Ground Sales Team

Neev developed an Android GPS tracking App that provides a business greater control of its feet-on-the-street sales personnel by tight geographical monitoring for their optimal performance. The App enhances the productivity and efficiency of the distributed sales force and was easy-to-use.

The Client

The client is an India-based startup providing proprietary solutions that help companies track performance of their indirect sales personnel on the field.

Business Need

The client needed to be able to closely monitor the activities of its on-ground sales personnel. This meant that constant real-time updates had to be possible and this feed was required to be stored and available for easy retrieval and audit whenever needed. The objective of such a system was to increase productivity and efficiency of the sales team. The mandate was to ensure ease-of-use for the sales personnel without a need for many instructions.

Neev Solution

Leveraging the growing familiarity of smartphone apps, Neev decided to create an Android App with simple UI so that a sales person can use it without assistance.

Neev built a GPS-based tracker that enabled the Admin to monitor the on-ground sales force. The sales personnel enter their daily activities like start/end of day and all activities during the day like going to stores, meeting customers, etc into the tracker.

The UI design, development and testing were carried out to ensure that the interface was intuitive as needed. Integration was handled through web services. Everything works on the back-end configuration set by 9yards admin.

Since GPS tracking was used, the app operates only in online mode. The geographical coordinates of the sales person are closely monitored and this provides greater control on day-to-day on-ground activities of the sales team. Information about how much time sales people spend on the ground, the top performers and the underperformers etc can be key metrics that assist in predictive analytics for the clients thus helping clients make informed business decisions that can drive greater sales revenues.

Variations of this App, with some additional features were developed across multiple projects with similar requirements.

Technology footprint

  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • Groovy Grails for Web Services

Top features

  • GPS Tracking
  • Integration through Web Services
  • Identification of mobile devices using IMEI number
  • Sending transaction information to server for every SMS received
  • Providing download links for updates
  • Simple intuitive UI

Top Challenges

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