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Company Name
Hong Kong
An iPad-based Stock Market Data Visualization App

Neev developed Orbiter, an iPad application that displays in real-time the Hong Kong Stock Market information, with over 1000 stocks, in a visual manner that resembles the planetary system. The application provides a rich graphical UI that empowers traders with concise and easy-to-use information. [Read more here]

The Client

Infocast is Hong Kong’s biggest financial information services company with customers spread across ASEAN.

Business Need

Infocast needed a crisp, visual way of depicting complex data sets of real-time stock prices. The information was to be shown in a planetary model with the Hang Seng Index as the Sun. The stocks would be represented by planets and the orbits would indicate the percentage change in stock value.

Neev Solution

In order to provide a high-quality user experience without compromising on application performance, Neev integrated OpenGL ES framework for graphics with native iPhone framework. The graphics module, which supports over 1000 stocks and works independently, greatly accentuates the user experience. Neev also enabled traders to easily access information about a particular stock through search and direct touch. A watch list was provided to personalize the stock information, making the application a one-stop shop for all trade-related information on the Hang Sang Index. The information can also be viewed in multiple languages. Presently an option of English or Mandarin Language is provided.

Technology footprint

  • Open GL
  • iOS SDK

Top features

  • Planetary Model of stock market information with:
    • Hang Seng Index as the Sun
    • Stocks represented as planets and orbits indicate the percentage change in stock value
    • Color of planet indicates positive (green), neutral (yellow) or negative (red) changes
  • A watch list provided to personalize the stock information
  • Can be viewed in multiple languages

Top Challenges

  • To optimize performance while using a rich graphical user interface, Neev integrated OpenGL ES framework with native iPhone framework
  • All the stock-related data including the parameters and color codes on the front end comes from the Infocast backend system, as a parameter. It was challenging to implement a visual representation with all the data coming from an external system
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