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Company Name
A Global Mobile Advertising Network
A Mobile-based Global Advertising Marketplace for Brands

Neev helped bring the client’s vision of creating a global mobile advertising marketplace that connects brands and advertisers to application developers and publishers to reality. It built a mobile platform that helps display advertisements in any Android and iOS application.

The Client

The client is an India-based start-up. It is a global mobile advertising network that connects the world’s leading brands with application developers, publishers and consumers. It enables advertisers to drive great results from display advertising campaigns by reaching a growing audience on their mobile phones. It helps developers and publishers of mobile applications to monetize their mobile traffic. It also allows advertisers to use insights into key markets to drive their mobile internet strategy.

Business Need

Being a startup, the client required a team of expert developers to turn their vision into a reality. It had a vision to create a platform for advertisers to promote their brands and for publishers and application developers to earn revenue through their mobile websites/applications. The client required us to build a mobile platform that displays advertisements in any Android or iOS application. Once an advertisement is clicked, the user would then be taken to the respective website through the mobile browser. The client required ad-server logic, an admin module and a mobile SDK. The ad-server logic was required to be simple and fast so as to serve ads based on request. We were also required to develop a solution that works even on slow internet connections and has an intuitive easy-to-use interface that can be easily used by all.

Neev Solution

Neev helped the client realize their vision by implementing:

  • An Ad server which is the most essential component to serve advertisements based on request.
  • An Admin Module which allowed the advertiser/ publisher/ agency/ funds managers etc. to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.
  • A mobile SDK (Android and iOS)

Neev designed the UI/UX for the Admin module. We also developed a simple and fast adserver logic which serves ads based on request.

The solution we developed can run seamlessly even on low internet speeds. Neev utilized its UI/UX expertise to come up with an easy-to-operate and quick-to-learn user interface.

To display an Ad banner in an Android or iOS application, a developer/publisher has to simply download the SDK and include the Adview in the UI of their application.

Technology footprint

  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • RESTful web service
  • PostgreSQL DB
  • Webex

Top features

  • Webex integration
  • Works on slow internet connections
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface that can be used by non-technical people.

Top Challenges

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