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Company Name
A Dubai-based Technology Solution Provider to the Hospitality industry
A HTML5-based Application for Customer Feedback Collection

To eliminate paper-intensive surveys and improve efficiency, Neev helped a Dubai-based client create a HTML5-based Smartphone App that helps restaurants and hotels obtain feedback from customers on-the-go. The feedback and valuable insights on customer perception of their products/services are provided to the restaurant manager/owner. In return for providing feedback, the customers are rewarded with points redeemable for discounts as displayed on the application. The application runs on all modern mobile browsers and has a light front-end and a scalable back-end.

The Client

The client is a Dubai-based startup providing technology-based solutions to the hospitality industry. The client aims to serve the Hotels and Restaurants industry by digitizing the process of obtaining feedback from customers. The objective is to eliminate paper-intensive feedback surveys and improve efficiency of this process.

Business Need

The client wanted to realize their vision of digitizing the Customer Feedback process for the Hotels and Restaurant industry. It required an on-the-go solution through which restaurant goers could provide instant feedback. The solution had to then enable restaurants to reward points to customers that could then be redeemed for suitable discounts. The solution had to provide valuable insights to restaurant owners/managers on customer perception of their service/product. The solution was also required to have a light front-end and a scalable back-end. It was required to work on all modern day mobile browsers.

Neev Solution

Neev’s on-the-go solution was a HTML5-based hybrid Smartphone application. Neev undertook the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) for the application. Before the start of the project, an evaluation was carried out on choices available between native and hybrid applications. Non-Functional Requirements like performance, etc. were considered and planned for, right from the design stage. The architecture with JSON and Angular provided a scalable backend. The application consists of a single page web service driven architecture. Automated build deploys were made use of. Cucumber scripts were used to automate the testing of the web services. The application includes an integrated analytics component that helps derive insights from available customer feedback information.

How it works?

The platform enables customers and restaurants to create user accounts with login credentials. The customers are required to log into the Smartphone application and provide feedback by filling up a digital form/survey. This feedback information is then collected and pushed to the restaurant’s FEED account providing managers/owners valuable insights into customers’ perception of their product/service offerings. In return for submitting feedback, customers receive points from restaurants which can be redeemed for discounts and rewards as featured on the FEED platform.

Technology footprint

  • Angular JS
  • JQuery mobile
  • ROR
  • MySQL

Top features

  • A platform that helps restaurants and customers (front-end users) provide and manage feedback.
  • A complete AngularJS front-end with JQuery mobile.
  • Web services, Continuous Integration.
  • Automated build deploys and Cucumber test cases.

Top Challenges

  • Ensuring that the site functioned appropriately on all mobile devices.
  • Having a single controller for all the 3 sub-applications – a dashboard app, tablet app and mobile app.
  • Using JSON-based REST web services.

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