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Company Name
OFIO Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd
An Exciting 3D Gaming Application for iPhone/iPad

Neev conceptualized, designed and developed a three-dimensional gaming application for iPhone and iPad. The application consists of an exciting chasing game where the goal is to rescue kidnapped baby kangaroos from a hunter across the Australian outback. The game has received thousands of downloads till date and is still one of the most popular gaming apps on the Apple app store.

The Client

OFIO Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a Bangalore-based start-up. Incorporated in March 2012, OFIO develops and deploys mobile gaming applications.

Business Need

The client wanted to build the Kangaroo Riley 3D gaming application from the scratch. The application was to be deployed on the Apple App Store. The application was required to have simple navigation buttons and a feature where the character in the game jumps when tapped anywhere on the screen. 10 levels were to be designed and developed for the game. The gamer had to move, jump obstacles and collect power ups while chasing a hunter who has kidnapped baby kangaroos.

Neev Solution

Neev designed the UI/UX for Kangaroo Riley. Being an Open Source advocate, Neev made use of Ogre 3D, an Open Source 3D graphics engine for developing the gaming application in 3D. The game was designed to test the reflexes of the gamer as he/she chases Hank the Hunter across the Australian outback. Flurry was used for analytics and Crashlytics was used for crash reporting.

Technology footprint

  • Ogre 3D
  • Flurry
  • Crashlytics
  • Admob

Top features

  • Incredible fun based 3D game with endless game playC
  • Simple left and right buttons that are easy to use
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to jump

Top Challenges

  • Since Ogre 3D, the open source gaming engine which Neev employed did not have a mature iOS API, Neev created custom code for that.
  • Moving away from the norm, Neev was required to overlay Google Ads on Ogre custom view. This was achieved through iOS.
  • While the game itself was built using a 2D engine, the primary character of the game, the Kangaroo was required to be built in 3D.
  • Since the game required many effects, the Shader language available in Ogre was customized for this.

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