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Company Name
Gaadi Web Pvt. Ltd.
Design and Development of a Clutter Free Research Portal and Online Marketplace for Cars

Neev built an online marketplace for cars which also doubles up as a car research portal that provides reviews and information about cars that have been launched or that are yet to be launched.

The Client, currently part of the IBIBO group, is a leading auto research portal that also deals with used & new cars. It simplifies the process of discovering the best bargains and locating the closest relevant dealers for a chosen car. The portal receives an approximate 3 million page views per month

Business Need

Being an online marketplace, the business mandated that the user experience be rich and intuitive. Ease-of-use was of utmost importance. Neev UI/ UX experts were required to design and develop an interface that is high on usability and provides smoother interactions, which in turn would translate to higher conversion rates for their online business.

Neev Solution

A deep understanding of the target user segment was crucial to creating a portal that best serves their need. Driven by this thinking, we set forth to define our target audience. Anybody who would be interested in vehicles (new or used) was our audience. They could be looking for information or wanting to buy/ sell a vehicle.

Keeping these use cases in mind, we created user personas and their action flow charts to best explain the information consumption flow on the portal. Basis this, a wire framing phase was taken up to bring the most needed elements on to the homepage. To simplify the interface, it was essential to make easily identifiable information blocks which were the primary focus of this exercise. A no-frills clickable prototype of the portal was created at the end of this phase.

Being a high involvement product, while dealing with automobiles, people are brand conscious and look for brand names as well as detailed specifications. Hence, we created elaborate dropdowns for better navigation. Search was a key parameter for the portal. Also, a brand panel was created as a shortcut to brands and to highlight big names on board. This added to the credibility of the portal, and was an instant input to any first time user of the portal.

On the design front, colors used were light with only call-to-action elements having bright colors to make it simple to comprehend. Layout was kept clean and advanced search was highlighted for ease of use. Once the client signed off on the initial concept shared, the theme was extended to the inner pages as well.

We also designed branding elements for which included brand colors, logo, banner ads and other marketing collaterals. Reviews and discussions were done throughout the project. Thorough browser compatibility testing and unit testing was carried out before delivery to the client.

Technology footprint

  • Axure
  • HTML
  • CSS

Top features

  • Advanced search
  • Detailed filters for extensive drill-down
  • Brand showcase panel
  • Minimalist design
  • Use-case specific information blocks
  • Intuitive design with ease of use

Top Challenges

  • Understanding and defining the buying behavior of a user landing on the portal
  • Breaking down the site architecture such that all use case specific information is available in two mouse clicks
  • Coming up with a navigation scheme that helps the user reach the required information at the quickest
  • Creating a clutter free design layout with specific call-to-action items. This ensured that first time viewers have a funneled movement through the desired content on the portal instead of being lost in an overload of irrelevant information

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