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Company Name
Performance Optimization and Mitigation of Security Risks through Website Re-engineering

Neev revamped a slow, underperforming eCommerce site facing severe outages and security risks. This impacted traffic to the site and also the volume of sales of the client. Neev re-engineered the client’s portal into one that has helped garner revenues of at least $50,000 on weekends.

The Client

Founded in the year 1979 in Atlanta, USA, KEH is the world’s largest dealer of used photographic (digital and film) products with a selection of over 60,000 items that matches every taste and budget. KEH lets anyone in any corner of the world sell or trade equipment with a global customer base made up mostly of photography enthusiasts.

Business Need

The client’s eCommerce site had performance and security issues causing delays and outages that impacted sales and traffic. Also, shipping computations like estimated delivery date with FedEx API integration, implementation of promotions and use of promo code had to be incorporated.

Neev Solution

Neev carried out the requirement analysis, project management, development and testing phases. Inbuilt design patterns that exist in .NET framework were utilized. User experience and usability were greatly improved. Integration was handled via web services. Stored procedures were used to process the data in the backend and XML files were used for bulk data exporting. For effective exception handling, NHibernate was replaced with ADO.NET and LINQ in some key areas like that of order processing.

The site was modified for optimum performance. This included code revamps in key areas and prevention of DDOS attacks through migration to Cloud for increased performance and security. These changes resulted in minimal delays and outages translating to increased sales and traffic.

Also, metrics to gauge use of promo code and online returns system that tracks returned goods were provided. This has been crucial in the client being able to track sales and analyze customer buying behavior on the portal.

Technology footprint

  • .Net 4.0
  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • IIS
  • JavaScript LINQ
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • Integration of third party services like Clear Commerce, FedEx API and Paypal.

Top features

  • ADO.NET and LINQ used for effective exception handling
  • Product selection based on product grade
  • Code revamp
  • Cloud migration
  • Web services integration
  • UI/UX revamp
  • Metrics to track sales and analyze customer buying behavior

Top Challenges

  • Integration of FedEx API for computations
  • Accurate estimation of shipping delivery dates.

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