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Company Name
Cloud-based Mobile Testing for a Singapore-based Travel Services Company using Perfecto

Cloud-based testing on virtual Android devices leads to increased cost savings. It allows for testing on a wide array of mobile devices connected to active networks around the world, thereby improving both quality as well as reliability. Neev used Perfecto Mobile’s testing platform to test the client’s Mobile App and realized multiple benefits.

The Client

‘Tripflick’ is a Singapore-based tourist information services company aspiring to become a global leader in its market. TripFlick provides personalized travel recommendations, providing rich information, based on user interests, profile and location.

Business Need

Often a great Android App gets poor ratings from users using a specific Android device. This can be avoided easily by testing the App across an array of virtual Android devices.
The mobile market is very fragmented and dynamic. Testing on a number of target devices is necessary to ensure stability and smooth functioning on these devices. The client wanted the multi-device testing to be as cost effective as possible.

Neev Solution

There are many devices for a given mobile OS, differing in display, controls, screen resolution, performance and usability. In order to ensure product quality and client satisfaction, Neev used Perfecto Mobile’s cloud-based testing platform to test the app before launching it. This ensured that the testing process was relatively inexpensive and did not require a physical device.

Neev tested the Tripflick App in 35+ devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola etc.

Technology footprint

Top features

    Neev used the following features of Perfecto to deliver a thoroughly tested App:
  • Access to hundreds of mobile devices from various manufacturers
  • Reduced time and complexity of mobile app testing
  • Full handset control (keys, touch, flip/slide, accelerometer, power control)
  • Test in multiple mobile networks and geographical locations
  • Run automated test procedures - across many devices
  • Option to take screenshots and view Device logs
  • Record and generate a multi-media clip of the session and use 'online share' widget to easily collaborate with globally distributed teams and Customers

Top Challenges

  • Since we accessed devices remotely in Perfecto Mobile, it took time for any action or key event
  • Sometimes the required device was not available due to prior reservations
  • Needs high bandwidth internet connectivity

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