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Company Name
Home/Business Security Solutions Provider
A Custom Monitoring Tool for Video Storage and Delivery Infrastructure

Neev created a tool to effectively monitor infrastructure usage of video files generated from IP cameras 24x7 and in real-time which enabled the client to respond quickly to any non- availability related issues.

The Client

The Client is a UK-based provider of innovative home and business security solutions. They design, manufacture and market a range of wireless internet video cameras. The video and audio feeds can be accessed live through computers, smartphones or tablets.

Business Need

The Client has a security solution comprising a set of IP cameras that records videos on detection of motion. The captured videos are hosted on the cloud and streamed on-demand – live or recorded. It was facing issues with high resource (App server) usage, especially in the weekends. There was no way of determining the reason behind the spurt in usage. The client required a tool that could monitor IP cameras 24/7 and provide accurate, real-time camera usage statistics for effective infrastructure management.

Neev Solution

Neev developed a solution to figure out the real-time status of IP cameras and correlate it with a high server usage. This was done with a custom monitoring dashboard that fetched real-time data from a database (SimpleDB) that stores camera statistics and graphically represent the data.

Neev developed plugins that displayed how many cameras are online and how many of them are recording at the present time.

Technology footprint

  • Amazon SimpleDB(helps determine camera status), RDS, EC2
  • PHP
  • Munin
  • Monit
  • Python Boto for Stats Collection

Top features

  • The client could ensured continuous availability of resources for its customers, especially on weekends with the help of our 24/7 monitoring tool.
  • The tool consisted of a custom dashboard with real-time camera usage data and graphical representation of the data.
  • It has now enabled the client to build infrastructure Auto-scaling capability on top of the existing infrastructure.
  • Neev also provided server and cloud support by manually scaling the infrastructure and ensuring zero failures.

Top Challenges

  • To understand the working of an existing system and identifying the real issue.
  • To determine a solution to measure the number of cameras that are online, the number of cameras that are recording video feeds and the number of cameras that are streaming live.

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