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Company Name
Building a light-weight Video Streaming Portal

Neev designed, developed and deployed a fully scalable cloud-based application that could support heavy traffic, typical of a video content streaming portal.[]

The Client

Apalya holds a monopoly in India in the mobile video streaming market. Apalya’s white-label platform is used by telecom majors like Airtel, Vodafone for providing mobile TV streaming services.

Business Need

Apalya wanted to create a new product (my own multiplex) and position it as the “Next Gen Netflix of India”. It was meant to be a platform where various content providers would upload their content which would then be transformed to a format that would facilitate streaming.

Neev Solution

Neev designed and built a scalable solution on top of Amazon cloud. With a web-based front-end and a mobile application for mobile access, this was a true web-mobile-cloud integration. The solution provided cost savings with the help of cloud and also speeded up video transcoding - launching new machines and doing transcoding in parallel whenever computing power was needed for streaming.

Video streaming was done using Wowza streaming server and Amazon Cloudfront. The solution also integrated an Ad server which provided the ability to introduce ads before, after or during the streaming.

Technology footprint

  • Java / J2EE (Struts,; Spring; Hibernate; JSP; JS/CSS)
  • AWS - EC2, S3, RDS, Auto-Scale, Cloud Front
  • Wowza Streaming Server
  • HTML5
  • JW Player

Top features

  • Player integration - JW play
  • Filters for searching content
  • Bookmarking movies and positions within movies
  • Ratings, Integrated a comment service(for comments)

Top Challenges

  • JW player customization
  • Supporting secure streaming in multiple streaming formats with rights support
  • Secure and resumable uploads to the cloud

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