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It is thick clients again... but with a difference.

Browsers are getting more and more powerful and ubiquitous. We can't imagine a device in today's landscape which does not run a Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

It is time to give web application development a new thought now. Thick web clients is the answer. With the advent of HTML5, gone are the days when people needed to install Flash plugins or Java applets for providing rich web clients. With frameworks like Jquery, Bootstrap or Sencha, user interfaces (UI) are getting more and more immersive with the use of HTML and CSS.

These are interesting times and we now see the emergence of a number of model view frameworks for clients. Among them, the leading names are AngularJS, Knockout and Backbone.


AngularJS, actively supported by Google, is perhaps the cleanest of the lot, not just from a design perspective but even from a perspective of ease of understanding too. This comes closest to MVC frameworks like Groovy on Grails (GoG), Ruby on Rails (RoR) or others that we know of. Complete with features like 2-way data binding, controllers, services and factories, AngularJS makes developing web apps a pleasure. The framework makes the structure neat.

We, at Neev, have extensive experience in AngularJS. With a combined experience of more than 10 years in AngularJS, Neev often suggests AngularJS to its clients be it for Web or for Mobile application development.

Back are the days of thick clients, but if a change is required, then it is still within our reach because, at the end of the day, it is still a web-app.

Some of the AngularJS-based apps developed by us include:

  • An application, eGATE, for GateForum, a leading player in the GATE preparatory market in India that enables students to attend live online classes from anywhere, on-the-go through their Android devices. The students can also clear doubts through an in-built chat feature. Read more here.
  • A HTML5-based Smartphone App developed for a Dubai-based startup that helps restaurants and hotels obtain feedback from customers on-the-go. The application runs on all modern mobile browsers and has a light front-end and a scalable back-end. Read more here.

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