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Company Name
An Online Site to Organize Teams for Sporting Events

Neev helped Duplays become a renowned organizer of sporting events in the Middle East by building a web portal where individuals could come together, register, pay and play. Today it is a major success with over 50,000 members, providing a much needed platform for working individuals to connect and have fun.

The Client

Duplays is the largest provider of sports leagues and events in UAE. It organizes social recreational and competitive sport leagues and events for men and women.

Business Need

The client wanted a website that was to be a hub for users from different nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures to get together in sporting events through a very intuitive platform. This was implemented by enabling users to register, communicate and discover new sporting opportunities in a single website.

Neev Solution

Neev developed a web-based application entirely in Ruby on Rails with PostGreSQL as the Database. Neev enabled the user to add events and groups and the admin to schedule events and decide on prizes through user and admin modules. An integrated payment gateway based on Paypal was also designed later by Neev (which accepted payments in USD) when the need arose.

Technology footprint

  • PostGreSQL
  • Paypal
  • Ruby On Rails

Top features

  • An admin tool which allows overall control on Email campaigns, leagues, sports, events etc.
  • Admin can aggregate individuals to form groups and assign them to games
  • Admin can send out notifications regarding events and venue
  • User accounts are secure and users are not allowed to communicate between themselves through the website
  • Users can link their account with the respective Facebook account and their actions on Facebook would be published on the site
  • Blogs related to upcoming leagues and events
  • RSS feeds which users can subscribe to

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