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Company Name
India-based provider of Sales force management and analytics solutions
A SaaS-based Distributed Sales Force Management Application

Neev developed a SaaS-based application for managing a distributed and indirect sales team typically deployed in FMCG or financial services companies. It is an end-to-end solution for companies to manage their distributed sales force – controlling and spiking sales force capacity, recruitment, analyzing sales force performance and talent segmentation, Reporting, driving retention and managing exits.

The Client

The client is a privately held company based in India. Its solution is widely used by large FMCG and financial companies in India to manage their distributed and indirect sales force.

Business Need

FMCG, Telecom or Insurance businesses rely heavily on a distributed and indirect sales force. Most team members are on pay-rolls of distributors or other entities in the downstream supply chain, creating a complex hierarchy of reporting, accessibilities and data structuring. There was a need for a single platform to remotely control and manage the capacity and performance of sales teams. The platform had to be highly configurable to cater to various industries.

Neev Solution

Neev provided a SaaS based multi-tenancy solution using Groovy on Grails (GoG). This ensured a single code base and a configurable system based on user role.
Neev did a thorough evaluation of technical options before narrowing down on Groovy on Grails. (‘Play’ was evaluated against ‘Groovy on Grails’). The evaluation criteria were support of Plugins, Scaffolding, Community Support, Security, Persistence, SEO, Upgrades, Development Cycle, Testing and Deployment.
A multi-tenancy architecture was implemented on GoG. Neev’s implementation team utilized GoG plug-ins smartly to deliver a rich feature set while expediting Go-to-Market by 40%. Plugins used included Internationalization Plugin, AWS Elastic Cache Plugin, Spring Security 2.0 Plugin and Batch Job Plugin.
9 modules were developed including Analytics which provided target and incentive recommendations and performance segmentations based on complex algorithms. Highly configurable work-flow based approvals and access controls were built in.

Technology footprint

  • Groovy on Grails (GOG)
  • HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript
  • Open source plugins: Excel upload, Email integration, Blogging, Excel creation
  • External Integrations: SMS gateways, Yammer, Fusion Charts
  • Third Party Libraries: Yammer, Fusion charts, SMS Gateways, CAS, Jasper
  • MySQL

Top features

  • SaaS based multi-tenancy solution– multiple companies use the same code base
  • Highly configurable work-flow based system with approvals and access controls built in

Top Challenges

  • To build a Multi-Tenancy Architecture in Groovy on Grails (GOG). Till date, there are limited implementations of SaaS based software on GoG around the world
  • Making the system work-flow based and highly configurable based on user role

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