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Company Name
Fortune 500 Global Conglomerate
An Easy-to-Use and Responsive Site for a Global Conglomerate

The client’s website for retirees was in need for an update. Neev helped redesign the website to facilitate ease of use and increase responsiveness. The precise and complete solution provided by Neev helped the client engage with their retirees better.

The Client

The client is a Fortune 500 Company operating in the metals, textiles, mobile telephony, life insurance and other sectors in nearly 36 countries around the world. It is a private sector conglomerate with gross revenue of USD 40 Billion (in 2012).

Business Need

The website for retirees had to be redesigned to make it more interactive and responsive. It had to be simple and easy to access and use for the elderly. The client had the designs for the UI and wanted someone to implement it and provide integration with a CMS.

Neev Solution

Neev was involved in UI Development, Drupal (CMS) Integration and development of forms and job applications. A LAMP setup (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) was used. Neev also provided features like font resizing and simplified blog creation which highly improved the accessibility and experience for the end user. The solution encompassed the Administrator end of the website as well. Using Drupal as CMS enabled the Admin to make frequent updates to important sections of the website such as News, Wellness Article, etc.

Technology footprint

  • Linux [Ubuntu / CentOS]
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Drupal
  • jQuery

Top features

  • Moderated Registration
  • Birthday Wishes
  • News
  • Wellness Articles
  • Medical centers with filtered usage
  • Wellness video display
  • Blogging

Top Challenges

  • Since the website was for aged people, Neev had to ensure that the color contrast was suitable and the visual hierarchy was maintained.

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