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Company Name
Government Agency in Middle East
Middle East
Launching a Web-CMS backed Multi-Lingual Portal for a Government Agency

The online portal of the client runs on ActiveSite - a comprehensive web Content Management Solution built by Neev. The portal enables the Government ministry under which the client functions to engage with the public by providing an online presence for the ministry. The client uses the portal today as a mechanism to disseminate important information on laws, statistical information and send out periodic newsletters etc. for registered members of the public.

The Client

The client, a Government agency in the Middle East manages the Human Resources and payroll for the members of various ministries of the Government. This government agency is also responsible for supervision of personnel affairs and making suggestions regarding civil service affairs, laws and rules of the country.

Business Need

The client was in need of a web-based content management system (CMS) that offers multi-lingual support especially in Arabic and English. Given the unique nature of Arabic, all the paragraphs and page content are read from right to left. The look and feel of the entire website had to be modified keeping in mind the experience of a typical Arabic reader. The ministry required interfaces that would allow it to dynamically update the content at any time to reflect the latest news, information.

Neev Solution

The entire website was developed from scratch using Java. Activesite WCMS, a Content Management System that was developed in-house by Neev, was used for web content management, primarily managing HTML content. The database in the back-end was Oracle and the portal was served through Tomcat Web Server. Neev also provided post-production support to ensure that the client was able to use the site effectively.

Technology footprint

  • Java/ J2EE
  • Activesite wCMS
  • Hibernate
  • Tomcat
  • Oracle

Top features

  • Activesite wCMS
  • Localization Feature – Support for both Arabic and English content.
  • Admin interface to publish important updates, news and information to Public and other Ministries on various subject matters.
  • Document Management.
  • Newsletters.
  • Custom Forms and Reports.

Top Challenges

  • Localization in Arabic was a key challenge.
  • Remote support across different time zones.

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