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Building a Web-based Platform for Enterprise Communication using Custom Templates

Neev helped Collnext, an India-based startup enter the retail segment with a highly organized and efficient application for secure, template-driven communication. The SaaS-based application is a boon for many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking for a trusty and speedy means of communication.

The Client

Collnext is an India-based startup that aims to be a world leader in developing and providing intelligent and customizable IT Solutions.

Business Need

The client wanted a Web-based application that would facilitate communication between two individuals at B2B, B2C & B2E levels. They wanted the application to be flexible, quick and cost effective. The interface that allows for communication would be decided by the users and there would be no Admin. The application had to primarily target shopping malls and small retail stores where employees need to communicate with one another or with their vendors through secure channels.

Neev Solution

Neev provided a SaaS-based solution using Agile Methodology to deliver the product in three months. Neev designed the templates that would be used for communication between the different companies and departments and ensured that they were standards driven. MongoDB was specified by the client as opposed to SQL (RDBMS). The decision to move to MongoDB enabled the team to directly use the objects from Java, in the database than having to use a query language. This speeded up sifting through large files with more than 60,000 records and made it a simple task. The testing was very thorough and was done without any automation tools.

Technology footprint

  • MongoDB
  • Struts
  • Spring

Top features

  • Web based App compatible across Web and mobile platforms
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Customizable and standards driven Templates for communication
  • Anyone can decide the communication in a particular channel. There was no admin
  • Both private (only visible to communicating parties) and public channels (visible to everyone).

Top Challenges

  • Huge amount of data to be handled - over 60,000 records at a time
  • Implementing Rule Engine in Java was difficult
  • Using Mongo DB required a learning curve and the project was of short duration
  • Design of custom templates for different departments

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