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Company Name
Creation of an Education Management System for Schools

Neev developed an Education Management system for Edunest that not only aids students’ learning but maximizes their potential by connecting students, teachers and parents.

The Client

Edunest (now Knewcleus) provides an education management system that helps maximise a student’s potential. This helps schools improve academic performance and comply with the respective education boards.

Business Need

Connecting teachers, students and parents together on a single platform with a very intuitive user interface, was the need. The platform had to generate reports with charts and graphs to show a child's progress and recommend videos for improvements.

Neev Solution

The solution provided schools with their own copy of the application by creating subdomains in Edunest. All Authorization for maintaining data was done by a separate admin module. Faculties could maintain their profile, class data, student progress reports and analyse progress with charts and graphs. They were also able communicate with students and their parents.

The solution was based on AJAX and jQuery to build a rich user interface. HiCharts was used to build charts and graphs. Youtube API was used to generate video recommendations based on Youtube tag search. The application also used PDF generation plugin for reports to be exported in PDF format.

Technology footprint

  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • HiCharts
  • Youtube API
  • PDF generation plugin

Top features

Top Challenges

  • Creating the work flows for the LMS

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