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Company Name
A Social App to Provide Customer Service and Engagement for a Global Online Photo Services provider

Neev helped a global online photo sharing and printing services provider promote their brand and acquire new customers through Facebook. Neev was able to connect to the target segment, increase fan base, drive traffic to the website, listen to conversations about the brand, appreciate brand evangelists, answer queries, provide customer support, generate leads and boost online sales. Discounts and offers were provided on the page especially for occasions like festivals. A Facebook Application was also developed to increase the fan base and boost sales.

The Client

Started in 2004, Snapfish by HP is a leading and the fastest growing online photo service with a worldwide presence, with more than 95 million members and more than 2 billion unique photos stored online. Snapfish enables members to share, print and store photo memories securely online. It offers prints and personalized photo products at the best value on the Web. Snapfish was started with a mission to help people preserve, enjoy and make the most of their memories and at the same time provide the best value in photography. Snapfish is a division of Hewlett Packard, a global giant in technology.

Business Need

The client, Snapfish wanted to increase brand awareness and customer base in India and Singapore markets. Its objective was to reach out to its audience, connect with them, extensively market their services and increase client interaction. Since Snapfish’s revenue is mostly generated online , it wanted to boost its online presence and have region-specific promotions in India and Singapore. The primary objectives were to:

  • Promote website and market products
  • Drive traffic to their website
  • Increase fan base
  • Connect with new clients
  • Build a community
  • Build loyalty through meaningful engagement
  • Provide customer support
  • Boost online sales
The objectives had to be achieved within the monthly budget allocated by the client.

Neev Solution

Neev chose to leverage Facebook to meet the client’s business objectives since Facebook provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to a maximum number of people, quickly and economically. Two separate Facebook pages were created for Snapfish India and Snapfish Singapore. Neev appointed a dedicated media analyst who was responsible for SnapFish’s fan pages for India and Singapore. The analyst was responsible for all client engagement on the page and also provided customer support. Neev initially conducted Market Research through opinion polls to know the brand perception and accordingly devised a social media strategy around Facebook to cater to client’s requirements. The solution was multi-pronged. The measures followed to achieve the business objectives were:

  • Neev, through regular market research, identified the most favorite and the least favorite product among customers. Promotions like offering discounts, freebies, etc were conducted for festivals and new product launches.
  • A social application was built to increase the number of ‘likes’ and boost sales. Visitors were asked to ‘like’ the client’s page to avail an offer. Upon ‘liking’ the page, the visitor was provided a coupon code using which the offer could be redeemed.
  • Listening and responding to what people are saying in the open – Neev searched with the client’s name (e.g.: Snapfish India) and responded to the search results. This also helped in identifying and responding to brand evangelists and answer queries about the Snapfish’s products and services.
  • Creating a vibrant social environment – the logo on the page was rotated to suit different occasions. A participatory environment was created on the Facebook page of the client.
  • Client engagement – the visitors to the page were encouraged to visit the page more often and stay longer on the page by offering deals, regular discounts and offers, posting photography tips, conducting photo contests, having question and answer activities, posting greetings and other regional content, and conducting catchy and interesting opinion polls.
  • Customer support – Facebook was made an active customer support channel. An online customer support application form was provided to customers.
  • Lead generation – leads were generated by sharing offers amongst fans who in turn spread interesting offers in their network.
  • Facebook advertisements – by targeting the right audience and connecting with over 800 million potential customers, Neev was able to not only acquire customers but also increase brand awareness among the target audience. The prospective customers were segmented based on various different parameters like interest, age, educational background, marital status, gender and location. Different messages were used to communicate to each individual segment.
  • Budgets were allocated for each campaign and campaigns were planned for keeping the budgetary allocation in mind.

  • As a result, within the first 10 days, Neev was able to garner 2411 hits, 137 registrations and 7 new transactions through the Snapfish India Facebook page. The cost of new customer acquisition was less than USD 3.00. During the two years of its engagement with the client, Neev was able to grow the Snapfish India Facebook fan base to 32329 and the Snapfish Singapore Facebook fan base to 5057.

Technology footprint

Top features

  • Social media strategy aided by market research to understand brand perception.
  • A Social App built to increase customer base and boost sales.
  • Social listening – listening to conversations about Snapfish and responding to them by answering queries and appreciating brand evangelists.
  • An online customer support application form for customers.
  • Lead generation through social sharing of offers.
  • Targeted advertisements through the use of social graph.
  • Strategies formulated and campaigns planned to accommodate budgetary constraints.

Top Challenges

  • To come up with innovative ideas for Snapfish’s brand promotion on Facebook on a monthly basis while ensuring they fit into the budgetary boundaries of the client. /

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