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Building an Online presence and an iPhone App for an Art Gallery

Neev built an online art gallery for a client in the form of a website and an iPhone application. The online gallery provides each user a personalized dashboard that provides notifications and other customized data. The art gallery lists all the exhibitions, galleries and artists in a concise manner for easy viewing and purchase. The application also includes a search feature for users to search other users, galleries and art works by location. ArtBee officials are able to supervise the content in the online gallery through an admin interface.

The Client

A startup, Artbee is a network of leading and influential galleries and a platform for online art auctions. It provides great virtual art shows from around the world. It provides an easy way to purchase and sell through its large network of collectors, dealers, galleries and museums.

Business Need

The client required Neev to build a website and an iPhone application for an online art gallery. The web-cum-iOS application had to provide a platform for exhibition of a large variety of artworks. The client required the application to:

  • Allow users to enjoy a personalized experience.
  • List all exhibitions, galleries and artists.
  • Allow users to auction and purchase art works by enabling smooth transactions.
  • Allow users to easily find galleries, art works, artists and other users.
The client also required a solution to supervise the content on the website.

Neev Solution

Neev’s solution to the client’s requirement of an online art gallery was a Ruby on Rails-based website. The iPhone App enabled iPhone users access the online gallery on-the-go. Using the application, one can view listed art works, artists and galleries displayed online, auction art works and also make a purchase. It also allows users to connect with artists and galleries. A search feature was added using which a user can search for other users, artists, galleries and artworks by location. To moderate content on the website, Neev developed an admin interface for Artbee officials. Neev’s scope of work included the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Technology footprint

  • RoR
  • jQuery
  • HTML
  • JS
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • Objective C

Top features

  • Online art gallery in the form of a website and an iPhone application.
  • Personalized dashboard for users that provides notifications.
  • Lists down exhibitions, galleries and artists across the globe.
  • Enables auction and purchase of art works.
  • Admin interface for Artbee officials to supervise website content.
  • Users can search for other users, galleries, artists and art works by location.

Top Challenges

  • Collecting data related to users, artists, galleries, artworks and locations /
  • Enabling users to search through the data. /
  • Handling large volumes of purchases and sales. /

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