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Company Name
Focus Direct Management Consultants
A Web-Based System for Job Search, Recruitment and Employment Market Research

Neev created an elegant and functional web-based application that catered to the needs of job seekers, recruiters, consultants and researchers. The system allows job seekers to post, view and update job profiles and search the job database. It enables recruiters to view profiles of desirable candidates and schedule interviews. Consultants can access insights on the job market while researchers can conduct surveys and generate insightful reports. It also includes a mailing system for all users to communicate with one another.

The Client

Focus Direct Management Consultants is a Dubai-based management consultancy specializing in recruitment in niche market segments. Since being founded in 1999, they have successfully earned themselves a premium position in domestic as well as regional markets. They provide prompt and professional service to job seekers and recruiters alike in the Middle East.

Business Need

The client required a user-friendly platform to connect job seekers and recruiters so that job seekers could search for jobs swiftly and recruiters could easily find and absorb the required talent. The platform was required to provide an efficient solution to search through a huge database of resumes and job posts. The platform also had to enable researchers and consultants who seek information to research the job market, generate reports and gain insights about the job market. Hence, it was required to build a common platform catering to four different groups of people – consultants, researchers, recruiters and job seekers.

Neev Solution

Neev’s solution was a web-based system built using Rails 2.3.5. The system categorizes the different groups of users into two types:

Admin Users: Consultants and Researchers

Regular Users: Job Seekers and Recruiters

The ‘Admin User’ type also includes super administrators, administrators and coordinators.

Using the JavaScript and HTML5-based system, job seekers can post and update their profiles in an intuitive manner while recruiters can search records, view profiles and even, schedule interviews with prospective candidates. The system allows researchers to conduct surveys and automatically generate reports from the available data. The system provides consultants insights like number of job seekers and recruiters who register on the system each day, and information on industries and recruiters who seek and attract the maximum number of job seekers.

The application provides a fast and efficient search mechanism to search through thousands of job records and resumes. To enable steadfast communication between the Admin and Regular users, a secure mailing system has also been incorporated.

Technology footprint

  • Rails 2.3.5
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • PostGreSQL 8.0.2
  • Solr
  • CkEditor
  • Cron5
  • SunSpot Solr

Top features

  • Recruiters can match job posts to profiles.
  • Generates invoice for closed positions.
  • Iterates the selection cycle for job seekers.
  • Enables job seekers to respond to interested job posts.
  • Researchers can conduct surveys and gather responses to auto-generate reports.
  • The system also lets users send research reports on the job market.

Top Challenges

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