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Company Name
Data Encryption Service Provider
Testing a Data Encryption Software for an US-based DB encryption solutions provider to perfection

Neev was involved in the rigorous, multi-platform testing of an encryption software which was developed by the client. The final product now is trustworthy and secure and its encryption capabilities have been officially recognized by the U.S. Government.

The Client

The client has been on the cutting edge of innovation in database encryption solutions for customer-sensitive data. It has provided security for Fortune 1000 companies, agencies in the government, financial institutions, SMBs and commercial developers all across the globe.

Business Need

The encryption software was complex and had multiple features and ran on multiple versions of databases and operating systems. Comprehensive, efficient and “streamlined” automation test scripts were required for debugging. The client wanted to test the interface and check the system and DLL files thoroughly. The client did not have the expertise to build and run test scripts, hence they needed someone to manage the same in a short span of time.

Neev Solution

11 different flavors of Microsoft Windows OS, more than 30 versions of SQL, FoxPro, MS-Access Databases and 8 different algorithms were used by Neev in the rigorous testing of the encryption software. These scenarios were then translated into automation test scripts which simulate actual user experience. This reduced the time for re-testing and regression testing.

As the software grew in terms of its features, managing and changing parameters in test scripts became quite a chore. Neev modified the test scripts so that the dynamic parameters were isolated in a separate script and the actual functionality retained in the main script. The functionality of the script thus remained the same and needed no further changes. This improved the efficiency and increased the productivity of the test team.

Since the development was done on-site and testing offshore, the communication had to be continuous and clear. When an issue was reported, the updated DLL, sys file or fresh installer was made available through SVN. The executed test scripts, result files and log files were also regularly uploaded onto SVN thus keeping everyone on the same page at all times.

Technology footprint

  • Microsoft Windows OS
  • SQL
  • FoxPro
  • MS Access
  • VMWare Workstation for testing

Top features

  • Testing in a smart manner by isolating the dynamic parameters in a separate script from the functional parameters.
  • Regular uploading of files from the testing process to SVN.

Top Challenges

  • The encryption software has multiple features, runs on multiple OS and makes use of multiple databases. Hence compatibility was an issue.
  • It is not easy to build and run test scripts on multiple platforms. Therefore, testing became a big challenge.

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