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Company Name
A Full-Service Travel Services Provider
A Web-Based Hotel Booking System for Efficient Hotel Reservations

Neev developed a web-based system which allowed the client, part of a world renowned travel and hospitality services company, to efficiently service customer requests for reservations.

The Client

The client is a startup venture in the global travel space. It proactively locates key professional players in the hotel business to forge a travel link and improve mutual business. It provides a world-class internet - based reservation system with a multi-currency payment gateway for transactions. The client facilitates business travel for corporate, by arranging for reservations in nearly 25,000 hotels around the world.

Business Need

Earlier the entire process of receiving customer requests, searching for hotels online and making appropriate selections would start and end with emails. The client required a single and simple application to process receiving, handling and successfully closing customer requests. It would be more efficient and help improve the quality and volume of transactions significantly.

Neev Solution

Neev provided a complete application which manages customer service requests and has rich features to search for hotels and find the right deal for the customer. It also has an inventory management system to manage the rooms allocated to the client by the respective hotels. Based on this information, a complete quotation is generated, which is made available to the customer.

Technology footprint

  • Integration with Web Services APIs of Pegasus, GTA and Expedia.
  • Integration with Google Maps.

Top features

  • Automated Email-Based request management system. Customers can simply type in an email to the Operations team and a Service Request is automatically created in the system.
  • Rich Search, Sort and Filter features are available to find the right hotels based on price, availability, distance and amenities.
  • Google Maps integration to determine the hotel nearest to a given location.
  • Inventory management system to manage the Room Inventory allocated to the client by their partners.
  • Built-in Quotation and Order Management System.

Top Challenges

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