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Razorfish has created a new innovation for marketers based on cloud computing technologies – the Razorfish CloudSite

Bangalore, December 12, 2013:

Razorfish CloudSite is a tool that enables marketing teams to quickly and easily launch a micro-site with no need for technical know-how or lengthy server procurement processes. Razorfish CloudSite automatically powers micro-sites to be extremely scalable and highly available. No additional effort is needed on the part of the user. All the user needs to do is to create the site using any CMS editor and upload the exported zip file in a few simple clicks.

“CloudSite has the ability to launch and run extremely high traffic campaign websites without burning a hole in your pocket. The set up does not need any technical know-how and can be completed at the click of a few buttons. One of the core benefits of CloudSite is that a website continues performing consistently and remains available even under heavy traffic. This means you do not lose hard-earned business due to server problems. Traditionally this was possible only by procuring a large number of servers - an expensive, time-consuming and technical resource-intensive proposition” says Saurabh Chandra, CEO of newly acquired Razorfish Neev who have built this innovation.

Razorfish developed this proposition to help marketers reduce their time to market by leveraging the use of Cloud Computing technologies.

Highlights include:
  • Extreme scalability - serve more than a million hits a day without any performance degradation
  • Very high availability (99.99% over a year)
  • Low latency, high data-transfer speeds via CDN across 5 continents
  • Just 3-clicks to upload your microsite
  • Easy scheduling of micro-site launches

Commenting on this innovation, Kanika Mathur, Managing Director, Razorfish (India) said: “Imagine, you are managing the launch of a new product or a promotion for your brand. You have prepared the content and creative and built the website and booked media. The much awaited launch day is upon you and your team informs you that the product micro-site has crashed due to heavy traffic! What do you do? Now with this innovation built by our technologists out of the Bangalore centre you can serve heavy traffic and perform consistently!”

Razorfish recently announced its entry into India and offers scaled expertise in India with 375+ team members. Their capabilities include an ability to deliver sophisticated state of the art web, ecommerce, mobile and social solutions to its clients. Razorfish helps companies build brands by creating engaging experiences for consumers. Their marketing and design capabilities are rooted in digital and combine consumer insight, technology and creativity. The result is consumer experiences

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