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Company Name
Peel Works
A web-based Android App to assist in-store sales process

Neev transformed a slow, manual stock taking process into an easy web-based system which drastically improved the productivity of in-store salesmen and made the sales process highly responsive, efficient and customer-centric.

The Client

PeelWorks provides proprietary sales technology & analytics platforms that enable organizations manage their sales force to achieve better results.

Business Need

Being a high-end cosmetic brand, the client needed to be able to customize the in-store sales process for each repeat purchase to increase customer retention. There was also a need to automate activities like stock taking, inventory updates and attendance logs and have them show up real-time. The mandate was that the system had to be easy-to-use for the sales representative with minimal or no intervention.

Neev Solution

Taking advantage of the spurt in popularity and familiarity with apps, Neev decided to make a tablet Android App with a simple UI so that the store personnel can use it with ease.

Using this App, the in-store representative (Style Consultant) of the client’s customer can track and manage inventory, enter customer details, purchase history, track targets and check for FAQs and style tips.

  • Customer Details - Once the consultant feeds the customer details into the app, real-time update ensures that this information is available at all times, across stores. So the next time the customer makes a purchase, purchase history and preferences can be used as inputs for making more customized and informed sales. Also specific instructions like allergies, preferences etc recorded for a customer increases cross selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Training and FAQs - A Training module was also included wherein a consultant can take online tests, download related articles and study material on the app for reference.

  • Attendance - The Attendance feature is included to facilitate audits. Images captured using the tablet were stored in Amazon S3 bucket.

  • Stock Taking – The brand could track opening and closing balance of the items each day based on information fed by the consultant into the App. Whenever the stock reached the threshold value an SMS was sent to the manager, store representative etc. to do the needful. Also, a separate items inventory was maintained and tracked for the testers.

  • The UI design, development and testing were done and web services were used wherever integration was required. The App had both online and offline modes - which means data entered offline could be synched with the server once the device was online.

Technology footprint

  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • SQLite
  • Groovy on Grails for Web Services
  • Groovy Grails for Web Services

Top features

  • Attendance Logging
  • Managing Inventory – Stock taking and updates
  • Sales Reporting – Targets and reports
  • Managing Customer Details
  • Customer purchase history and preferences
  • FAQs and Style Guides
  • Training Module

Top Challenges