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The new Frontier in Mobile, Gaming and Web


HTML5 the next version of HTML is actually a collection of some amazing technologies and features that finds its applications in nearly all aspects of Web, Mobile and Games Development.

HTML5 is one of the hottest technologies and all the big wigs including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are pushing their weight behind it.

We at Neev have been among the earliest adopters of HTML5, and while others were just getting to learn about HTML5 we have been deploying projects for some of the big names in the Business.

Some of our HTML5 solutions are as follows


Flash 2 HTML5

Until a few years back, Flash was the default technology used for all kinds of Rich Internet Application (RIA) or animation that you would like to display over the web. However with the advent of mobile and tablets that don’t support flash, a significant section of your site visitors will be unable to view your website properly. We at Neev can help you port your flash websites, banners and games into HTML5, which is standards compliant and which will be viewable across all mobile, tablet and desktops.


Mobile Sites:

Mobile browsers of today have significantly improved over the past years and nearly all manufacturers are working towards making their mobile browsers HTML5 compliant. Having said that it now becomes imperative for any website to have a corresponding mobile friendly website which is optimized for mobile devices.



HTML5 is being extensively used for building games for both desktops and mobile devices. The advantages of building games in HTML5 are, that now you only have to maintain a single code base instead of maintaining different code bases for the iPhone, Android and other Oss.

You can now build a full fledged game in HTML5 and port them as native iPhone and Android Apps.


Web Apps:

The current trend is moving towards building Web Apps instead of native apps mainly to overcome the restrictions and limitations of going through Apple’s approval process. Thanks to the new set of Features in HTML5 you can now build Web Apps that look and feel like Native apps complete with device orientation, Touch, Swipe gestures etc.

Neev is amongst the earliest adopters of HTML5, and have significant domain knowledge and experience in proving HTML5 solutions across all the above areas.


Get in touch with us for any of your HTML5 needs and we’ll be glad to help.


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