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Company Name
Smart Retail
Enabling Sales Effectiveness for an eCommerce Store using Customer Analytics

The Smart Retail E-Commerce system developed by Neev helped increase retail sales and profitability in a big way. The company reached new customer segments and bettered returns on existing call center assets. Access to a reliable customer database enabled targeted marketing campaigns. Our client now has a better insight into customer buying preferences leading to an increase in the bill value per transaction.

The Client

Started in 2004, Smart Retail, a subsidiary of Wadhawan Food Private Limited is a chain of Food & Groceries stores across six cities in India with over 50 stores. It operates on a friendly neighborhood model with an emphasis on home delivery. Its stores are conveniently located in residential areas.

Business Need

The customer database, a legacy one, was sorely in need of an update. The number of customers in the database had grown to such a large number that working with the database was becoming slow and extremely difficult. Many customers were abandoning purchases midway because of the slowness in the process.

Neev Solution

The solution provided by Neev did not call for a huge investment. Neev created a functionally robust e-commerce system with a rich UI (user interface). The system could be deployed to a test market and could evolve over time. It was also highly scalable to meet the needs of a growing number of customers and transactions. It could also synergize with the existing call centre model and leverage it to improve customer experience.

Technology footprint

  • Rich Internet Interface using Adobe Flex.
  • Tomcat/Apache Application Server.
  • Java Components and extensive use of XML.
  • Windows Mobile-based Multi-Channel Messenger.
  • Solr Search Engine-based search.
  • PHP Server for Database Administration
  • Top features

    • Department-wise easily configurable browsing.
    • Enables shopping with a single click.
    • Ability to search based on native names.
    • Shopping cart is visible with savings and net bill value.
    • Checkout process is very intuitive.
    • Favorites are carefully sorted in a list.
    • Browsing is promotion-based.
    • Order history and status can be conveniently checked.
    • Reports are simplified to deliver them faster.
    • CSV/Excel-based format allows for easy integration with ERP system.

    Top Challenges

    • Understanding customer preferences was a top priority which Neev did successfully.
    • With increasing traffic in online stores, it was necessary to tailor a site suited to the growing number of visitors instead of relying only on call center model.