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Company Name
A Global Provider of Microsoft AX-based ERP Solutions
A Web-based, Finance and Insurance (F&I;) Application integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Neev built a financial application for use by a major automotive dealer network company. This was developed on the .Net MVC Framework. The application was integrated with a Microsoft Dynamics AX-based Dealer Management Solution (DMS). It is touch-enabled to improve customer experience. The application helps customers to easily understand and make an informed choice from the various financing options available.

The Client

The client specializes in providing solutions and services centered on Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution. The client has a global presence. The application was built for a customer of the client.

Business Need

Although Dealer Management Solutions (DMS) are prevalent, they are seldom based on an ERP. In this case, it was based on MS Dynamics AX ERP system. While the client customized the Microsoft Dynamics for DMS, Neev built the web-portal connected to this DMS through Web Services. Customer facing associates who were the end-users of the application needed the application to have:

  • Touch-Based Interaction
  • Ease of use with a short learning curve to operate with, yet provide a rich user experience
  • Windows Metro style
  • Modular and scalable
  • Ability to integrate with external systems
  • A single interface for the whole system
  • Cloud-based that can be accessed pan-USA
  • Ability to handle single or multiple outlets

Neev Solution

Neev handled the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of this solution including UI/UX design. Non-functional requirements like performance, deployment, ease-of-maintenance, were considered and planned from the design stage itself. The design patterns employed were chosen such that they were present within the .Net framework. This helped reduce the time to launch the application. By analyzing the data, implementing caching techniques and optimizing the code, Neev achieved the desired response times even on a standard technology stack. The development was done using Agile methodologies. The modular architecture enabled the system to be integrated with external systems and also handle single/multiple outlets. Authorization and authentication was done using LDAP and ADS. The backend integration was handled via Web Services and BizTalk server. The solution was deployed on the Cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Technology footprint

  • C#
  • .Net MVC4
  • HTML5
  • MS-SQL
  • Web Services
  • BizTalk Server
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Team Foundation Server

Top features

  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform and Web Services
  • A Web-enabled solution minimizing client deployment problems
  • Touch-enabled solution with a response time of less than 4 seconds.
  • Enables integration with existing external systems.
  • A game-changing technology-led application that makes the client a pioneer in the market.
  • A modular solution that enables extensions.
  • Provides shorter learning curve for customer associates.
  • Provides a rich customer experience.

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