Is LeapMotion the future of Gesture Recognition?

Contributed by Raman on Sep 12 2013

LeapMotion ... Things you can do with it.

Looking at the videos on the Leapmotion
website, you would wonder if this is the next Kinect killer. Oh yeah, priced at about $80, the videos do make you think,”wow! I want that.” We, at Neev, with a growing Augmented...

Neev Hackathon - 2013 - An Interview with Team Jarvis - An Augmented Reality Based Endeavor

Contributed by Venkat on Jul 30 2013

Name of the team:


Name of the project:

Augmented Reality

Team members:

•Nitin Nigam •Kaushal Pal •Ajinkya Kulkarni •Vasanth Kumar

Do you think Augmented Reality is a helpful application? Why?

“We don’t live in just an information age anymore but in a meta-information age. We seek more information than what meets the eye about the things...