Neev Hackathon - 2013 - An Interview with Team Jarvis - An Augmented Reality Based Endeavor

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Name of the team:


Name of the project:

Augmented Reality

Team members:

•Nitin Nigam
•Kaushal Pal
•Ajinkya Kulkarni
•Vasanth Kumar

Do you think Augmented Reality is a helpful application? Why?

“We don’t live in just an information age anymore but in a meta-information age. We seek more information than what meets the eye about the things that we see. Augmented reality is that silver bullet which promises to take us to a science fiction kind of realm in this decade.”

Why was Jarvis chosen as the team name? Any reason or story behind it?

“We chose Jarvis as the name of our team as Jarvis was the name of Iron Man’s computer with which he interacts to get his work done. We associated our entire team with Jarvis who looks forward to listening to exciting ideas that have originated either from us or from our colleagues and turn them into reality.”

How did you get the idea to develop this particular application? Where did you see the need? Why was Jarvis chosen as a project?

“The thought of turning our perceptions into reality was the driving force that brought out this idea which was initially conceptualized by Vasanth and Vinci. We joined them and as we moved on,things automatically started falling into place and we weren’t expecting to get where we did. Later we found that there are many creative minds behind contributing towards its enrichment. We’ve always had a passion for working on Next Gen technology. This motivated us to work on this project. Also, Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology which customers can directly consume in real-time which is fun. For example, holding a car or your dream home on your palm top, would be wonderful.”

Talk about the project in brief. Talk about what exactly the application does.

“The Application is about projecting any 3D model of a real world object on specified markers. Similarly, we projected a 3D Wrist Watch on a person’s hand using a marker. Also, we changed the colors of a car according to the respective button pressed. We could also augment a model of a complete building on a simple marker.”

What are the highlights of the application? What are the features?

“Wrist on watch, Car color changing, Opening and Closing of Car Parts and Building Model.”

How did you go about developing the application? Were there some fun moments while developing this application?

“The project is a mix of design and creativity. At the amalgamation point of these two things we came across exciting moments wherein we started playing with different virtual objects especially with a football.”

Was there anything new and different you all had to learn?

“Unity 3D and the synchronization of code and models were something new that we had to learn.”

What were the challenges you faced while developing the application?

“Everything was new to us. Initially we didn’t have any idea on how to work with Unity 3D. It was a great challenge to learn Unity 3D and to convert our ideas into reality. We started from scratch by first trying to understand the basics of the Unity game engine. It was really interesting to learn this magic.”

“After learning the basics, one of the most important things was to capture the events. Finally we did it and were also able to open the parts of a car.”

What were the frameworks/technologies used? Why were these frameworks/technologies used?

“Blender (Designing)
Unity 3D (Game Engine)
Mono Develop (C#)”

What is the use of this application in the market? What would you do to build this application on a large scale for the market?

“As far as the scope of this project (Wrist Watch) in the market is concerned, we are optimizing the application to make it more efficient, realistic and presentable.”



















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