How to use your mobile camera to detect your favourite store coordinates?

Contributed by Yokesh Thirumoorthi on 14 Aug 2013

For the last few weeks, members of Ideas Inhouse have been working enthusiastically and busily to build a mobile application on  Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality (AR), a technology trend  that spearheads new ideas across various business domains, is a concept that enriches user experience for interfacing the real time objects through simple computing devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops that has a camera attached to it.

This initiative by the Ideas Inhouse team at Neev technologies started with high flamed discussions and brainstorming sessions. After analysing various thoughts, ideas and use cases, the entire team was convinced with one idea - “Being at any place, anyone with this application on their phone should find the nearest outlet of a premier coffee chain easily than ever before”.

This application identifies and points out all available outlets of this premier coffee chain along the direction of device camera and within a predefined radius, whenever the user holds up the phone with this application running on it.  Besides, information about distance between these outlets and the user’s current position is also displayed.

Unlike any other conventional GPS based applications, which merely pins balloon icons on a map to point out locations to the user, this application uses AR engine to tag the information balloons rightly over the coffee outlets among the cluster of building that the user sees through the device camera. It’s like the typical use case of showing the list of ongoing events inside a building when a user points his device to that building.

With rich user interface, the application is built over a thoroughly thought framework that supports easy customizations. The apis exposed by the Wikitude sdk, which is the core engine for this application, are extended to achieve seamless AR experience. The only precondition required to run the application is availability of network connectivity.

Ideas Inhouse, being introduced to make mobile applications on Augmented Reality, has now started working on more inventions based on Augmented Reality. And we are not too far from reaping all these ideas. Stay tuned !

Contributed by Ideas InHouse Team

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